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SK has finished investigation of disorders in Sagre

Inspectors of SOU SK of Russia on the Ural federal district have finished a legal investigation about an attack on settlement Sagra which has occurred in the summer of this year.
within the limits of charge investigation have been shown 23 participants of mass fight. Depending on a role with a crime to suspects have brought accusations under item 209, 212, 327, 119 criminal codes of Russian Federation (gangsterism, the organisation and participation in mass riots, forging of documents, threat by murder).
As the inspectors, in prison Nikolay Lebedev and Kahaber Chichua in 2011 have established. Have created a gang from eight persons into which Shota Katamadze, Artem Rabadanov, Magomed Bekov, Vitaly Slatimov, Kardash Fatahov and Fajg Musajev also have entered.
in the Summer of this year two inhabitants of settlement Sagra Valentina and Vyacheslav Lebedevy, having quarrelled with local residents, have called in places of imprisonment to relative Ivan Lebedev, having asked that for 30 thousand rbl. To organise in settlement mass riots.
then I.Lebedev has ordered to S.Katamadze to develop the plan of an attack for Sagru together with other gangsters. Criminals, having rung round acquaintances, have collected nearby 30 persons. Malefactors, having armed with a fowling piece sawn-off shotgun, the traumatic weapon, baseball bits, wooden sticks, metal armature and other tools, have gone on 13 cars to settlement where have arranged mass fight.
showing the weapon, accused have stated to victims of threat of physical violence and have made some shots. Only after the notice that the police squad goes to settlement, attacking have left - it is marked in message SK.
Now the consequence should acquaint suffered and accused with criminal case materials. According to SK, one of accused has been recognised by deranged, one more is put on the international wanted list. 83 examinations are during the investigation spent, interrogated more than 200 persons, examined more than 100 subjects and documents important for criminal case. The volume of materials of business has made more than 40 volumes - have told in department.
we will remind, the settlement Sagra of Sverdlovsk area became infamous after on the night of July, 1st 2011. There there was a conflict to participation more than 30 persons - local residents and visitors from Ekaterinburg. During fight in 28 - the summer inhabitant of Ekaterinburg four times (presumably, from a fowling piece) have shot. From the received wounds the victim has died on the way to hospital.
within the limits of a legal investigation about disorders in Sagre charges in a negligence and excess of powers have been shown also to representatives of law enforcement bodies. One of accused - the district militia officer of militias who negligently concerned check of observance by inhabitants of Sagry of rules of the registration account and observance of rules of storage of fire-arms. Unconscientiousness of the guard has led to that Vyacheslav Lebedev who was in federal search for a long time lived in settlement, and at other inhabitant Sagry the fowling piece and ammunition were illegally stored.
this divisional also has hidden from the management the information on threat of murder of one of local residents and about outlined in this connection on July, 1st 2011. To a meeting between inhabitants of settlement Sagra and visitors.
Of a negligence have accused also the chief of militia of public safety (MOB) which properly did not inspect the office documentation, did not check knowledge district militia officers of militia of territory under control to them, and also did not carry out a duty on maintenance of an appropriate professional standard, discipline and legality in the specified division.
as a result accusation in fulfilment of the crimes provided by the item " is brought to chief MOB; and ch. 3 items 286 (excess of powers of office) and p.1 item 293 (negligence) of the criminal code of Russian Federation, to divisional Vadim Z - p.1 item 293 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (negligence), concerning them is selected a preventive punishment in the form of a subscription about nevyezde and appropriate behaviour.