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Ilya Yashin: We sat knowingly

the Co-chairman of movement Solidarity Ilya Yashin who has left after administrative arrest on freedom on the night of Wednesday, has commented on stay in spetspriemnike. He has told About it on air of radio station Echo Moscow .
I.Yashin has noticed that its arrest both known blogera and the fighter with Alexey Navalnogo`s corruption has led to serious changes in a society. we sat knowingly - the oppositionist has confidently declared, making comments on that resonance which has caused their arrest.
telling about maintenance conditions, I.Yashin has noticed that they had a radio receiver, however with the press they had some problems: policemen have refused to transfer to them number the New newspaper in which materials of pornographic character, as they said, contained. A pornography employees Moscow spetspriemnika 1 recognised an illustration to article about a straight line with head of the government Vladimir Putin: On a caricature of premieres flied on a condom executed in the form of a parachute.
speaking about plans for the near future, I.Yashin has told that intends to be engaged in preparation for meeting on December, 24th on the prospectus of Saharova in Moscow. The leader Solidarity has informed that will try to convince as much as possible Muscovites to come on a protest action against results of parliamentary elections. As he said, people should explain that at the moment meetings can change much in the country.
the court has arrested A.Navalnogo and I.Yashin on December, 6th. After adjudgment arrested persons have made appeal complaints. Lawyers blogera, in particular, have shown the photos proving that A.Navalnogo`s detention was made not by those policemen that evidences gave against its. The judge has accepted one photo to consideration, but has refused to file indications of independent witnesses. The judge has upheld a sentence.
after A.Navalnyj and And. Yashin through lawyers have made the complaint in the European court under human rights in which have specified that, in their opinion, from have illegally deprived of freedom and the rights to fair proceeding. On Friday, on December, 16th, ESPCH has registered the complaint.