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NASA and EKA build the competitor Russian “ the Unions “ and “ Progresses “

the European space agency together with NASA will develop the spaceship for delivery of cargoes to the International space station. As has informed journalists at the cosmodrome Baikonur head EKA Jean - Jacque Dorden, the new ship will replace cargo automatic ship ATV.
ZH - Z.Dorden has told that agency obligations include start of five devices ATV. Two starts are already executed, the third is planned for March, 9th 2012γ., the fourth - for March 2013γ. And the fifth - for March 2014γ.
“ Start of these five devices covers obligations EKA to 2017γ. Thus, by means of construction and start of these ATV we cover the obligations in advance “ - has told ZH - Z.Dorden, having added that after the termination of flights ATV other ships will be made for delivery of cargoes on MKS.
“ We work now with NASA concerning what ships be required also what ships it will be necessary to develop for a covering of the period 2018 - 2020γγ. “ - head EKA has explained.
Cargo ship ATV is made by the European consortium EADS Astrium. Its length makes about 10 m, diameter - 4,5 m. the Ship consist of two parts: a tight cargo compartment and the office module. It is equipped by the Russian systems of joining and refuelling.
Europe at present does not carry on negotiations with Russia for start-up of Russian " carrier rocket; the Union - ST “ from the cosmodrome the Hen (the French Guiana, the South America) under the piloted program, but in the long term does not exclude such possibility.
“ at present negotiations are not conducted “ - has told ZH - Z.Dorden, having added that when projected and created the cosmodrome the Hen, it was supposed to use " carrier rocket in the long term; the Union - ST “ For piloted starts.
the head of the European space agency has reminded that EKA and company Arianespace have orders for 20 " carrier rockets; the Union - ST “ for starts about the Hen. It has explained that from party EKA 8 contracts on starts by means of the given carrier rocket are signed, but also there are also other orders.
company Airanespace has placed the order in the industry on manufacture of 10 more rockets “ the Union - ST “. Also contracts on start of scientific space vehicle Gaia and the companion of remote supervision of Earth Sentinel - 1 are signed. " Carrier rocket; the Union - ST “ makes the Samara enterprise “ TSSKB - Progress “. It has been specially developed for starts about the Hen.
on Wednesday, on December, 21st, also it became known that EKA in carrying out of test of a returned capsule “ the Expert “ Which on a ballistic trajectory conversion " carrier rocket should start; the Wave “ from a submarine of Pacific fleet.
according to ZH - Z.Dordena, now Europe searches for new possibilities of start of the device. “ the device is ready to start, the contract is signed, but to us have informed that such start at present is not possible. We consider other variants of start “ the Expert “ as this device is very important for us “ - head EKA has noted.
Thus he has specified that for test other carrier rocket will get out. Such variants, as European " are now considered; Vega “ one of the American rockets or the Russian carrier rocket.
the rocket “ the Wave “ it is used for starts of space vehicles from the shipped submarine. The first orbital start with the help “ Waves “ has taken place in June 2005γ. Also it has appeared unsuccessful then it has been spent 4 successful demonstration starts.