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Scientists have created killing the Armageddon Virus

the Dutch scientists have created a virus which is genetic updating of a so-called bird flu - H5N1. As writes Daily Mail, the given invention already has received the name the Armageddon Virus : the killing infection is capable to destroy millions people.
behind creation the Virus of Armagedonna there are employees of the medical centre Erasmus in Rotterdam. They have changed two key genes of a virus of a bird flu, and then have checked up behaviour of the modified organism on polecats, whose symptoms of a flu are closest to the human.
it was as a result found out that genetic transformations have transformed H5N1 into a killing infection which extends much faster and more effectively a bird flu and can become a cause of death of much bigger quantity of people. We will remind, in 2005. During epidemic of this infection, from 573 caught 336 persons worldwide have died. In a case with the Armageddon Virus the account will go on millions.
the Dutch scientists declare that have created a new virus within the limits of studying of a bird flu and searches of ways of the prevention of possible epidemic. If these researches to spend in the conditions of strict privacy, they will bring more advantage, than harm, they consider.
however their colleagues from other countries are disturbed by creation of a new virus: if it escapes for limits of laboratory or will come into the hands of terrorists, consequences will be catastrophic. So, the chairman of the National scientific advisory council of the USA on Pol Kim biological safety considers, what even the Siberian ulcer in comparison with the Armageddon Virus it seems quite harmless. With it other experts on biosafety agree also.