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Known Muscovites ask D.Medvedev not to enter into army capital

a Number of known inhabitants of capital have acted with the post card to the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev on the threshold of the meeting planned for December, 24th in protection of fair elections.
Podpisanty, among which such different people as the national actress of Russia actress Svetlana Nemoljaeva and the supervisor of studies of scientific research institute of transport and a road economy Michael Blinkin, ask the president to refuse input to Moscow additional forces of police and army divisions on December, 24th.
we ask you to show respect for inhabitants of capital. You should understand that it offends townspeople and in itself forms negative attitude to authorities in power. Input to Moscow of armed formations can lead to uncontrollable succession of events and even to turn back the spilt blood - quotes the text of the letter radio station Echo Moscow .
Authors of the reference notice that the same meeting was remembered on December, 10th by a large quantity of the Muscovites who have come peacefully to express the opinion, and inadequate actions of the authorities which have transformed the Moscow streets in parking for the army technics.
among authors of the letter TV presenters Tatyana Lazareva and Michael Shats, businessman Alexander Gafin, economist Ivan Starikov, political scientist Gleb Pavlovsky and others.
we will remind, on December, 24th on the prospectus of Saharova in Moscow will pass the meeting resolved by the authorities in protection of fair elections, it should become continuation of a many thousands protest action on the Marsh area which have passed on December, 10th. At present already more than 30 thousand users sotssetej have confirmed the participation in meeting. On the Internet videoclips to which the well-known Russians urge to come on meeting extend and to make the protest to falsifiers of elections, among participants of this video appeal actors Igor Kvasha, Maxim Sukhanov, Maxim Vitorgan, Leonid Barats, Tatyana Lazareva, writer Boris Akunin, directors Pavel Bardin and Vladimir Mirzoev and many other things. In sotssetjah passes opened the Internet - voting, its participants choose, who needs to be asked to speak on meeting. At present most of all voices have typed Leonid Parfyonov, Alexey Navalnyj, Boris Akunin, Yury Shevchyuk and Lija Ahedzhakova.