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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation: In a zone of fights in Yemen there are 36 Russians

In the Yemen city of Damag where four students from the Russian Federation recently were lost, there are 36 more Russians. About it it is told in the message the Ministries for Foreign Affairs (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) of Russia.
in the Yemen province of Saada there is a group of the Russians who are trained in the religious centre Gift al - Hadis (Damag). According to embassy of the Russian Federation in the Dignity, their number reaches now 36 persons (students and members of their families, including children). Students have arrived to the Yemen Republic illegally, bypassing rules of departure from the Russian Federation, contacts to the Russian embassy and consulate did not support - it is marked in the message of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
in the ministry add that from the middle of November 2011. Damag it has appeared in a zone of operations which conduct against the governmental parts and sunnitov - fundamentalists fighters of a home guard of Shiit breeding confederation al - Husi. Under the arriving information, as a result of armed conflicts 60 radicals were lost, including, according to some information, four citizens of Russia - inform in foreign policy department.
as have declared in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the embassy of Russia continues attempts to find out destiny of Russians and to help with their departure from a zone blocked by insurgents. This point in question is already taken on control by a management the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Yemen.
communication with representation of the International committee of the Red Cross (MKKK) in Yemen, having humanitarian access to various areas of a province of Saada, including in Damage, about rendering of assistance to Russians " is simultaneously supported; - have concluded in the ministry.
we will remind, on December, 16th 2011. The official representative Alexander Lukashevich has informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation at a briefing that in Damage four students from Bashkiria were lost. And. Lukashevich then has underlined that they refused to leave on contact to embassy of the Russian Federation in Yemen, including its employees incorrect . It, according to the diplomat, also has led to the tragical ending.