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The authorities of Moscow: the Capital costs in stoppers not only from - for a snowfall

the Authorities of Moscow ascertain that the numerous stoppers formed today in capital, are caused not only the fallen snowfall, but also increase in the Prenew Year`s traffic.
as the assistant to the mayor of Moscow on questions housing - municipal services and an accomplishment Peter Birjukov has informed today to journalists, in Prenew Year`s days is fixed by traffic increase at roads of Moscow on 17 %.
According to P.Birjukova, public utilities of Moscow successfully cope with cleaning of streets, movement on roads goes in a regular mode. In cleaning it is involved about 12 thousand units of technics, 3 thousand dump-body trucks.
as he said, from the beginning of current days - from 00:00 Moscow time on December, 21st 2011. Has dropped out about 12 sm of snow, and in some areas - to 15 see Within the next days it is expected to 20 sm of snow, thus, for two days the monthly norm of deposits can drop out.
Meanwhile, by the evening on December, 21st experts predict a transport collapse in Moscow. According to analysts of service Yandex. Stoppers from - for a powerful snowfall today to evening rush hour the capital can rise in 10 - mark stoppers if snow does not stop.