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“ the Union “ with crew of new expedition has gone to MKS

From the cosmodrome of Baikonur at 17:16 Moscow time the rocket of space appointment " started to the International space station (MKS); the Union - FG “ with the transport piloted ship “ Union TMA - 03Μ “.
As a part of crew 30/ 31 expeditions to MKS - commander Oleg Kononenko (Russia), flight engineers Donald Pettit (USA) and Andre Kejpers (Netherlands).
it is supposed that cosmonauts will arrive on MKS on December, 23rd 2011γ. At 19:22 Moscow time. Planned duration of flight from start before landing - 147 days (5 months).
After ship joining “ Union TMA - 03Μ “ with MKS and transition of crew to station to its board there will be six persons. All six will make uniform crew 30 - j long expedition under command of the present commander of MKS Daniela Berbenka.
on December, 20th 2011γ. The head of Federal space agency (Russian Space Department) Vladimir Popovkin has informed that with start of crew 30/ 31 the long period of work of crew MKS in the reduced structure (3 persons) which has begun after falling of the cargo ship " will come to the end; Progress “ in August of this year in Altai. “ now it will be possible to renew high-grade work at station “ - V.Popovkin has told.
problems of crew which has now gone to MKS, include carrying out of experiments in various areas, such as space biotechnology, mediko - biological researches, remote sounding of the Earth, research of Solar system, space materials technology, geophysics and research of a circumterraneous space. The considerable part of researches will be devoted gathering of the information on influence of long space flight on a human body. Also the flight program provides actions on doosnashcheniju stations by the delivered equipment and to maintenance of working capacity MKS.
Besides, within the limits of expedition MKS - 30 on the beginning of January 2012γ. Start of commercial cargo ship Dragon of working out of company SpaceX is planned. It is supposed that come nearer to MKS the ship will be grasped by the robot - the manipulator under control of crew of station and connected to the American segment of station.
also in the end of January 2012γ. Crew MKS - 30 should accept and unload the automatic cargo spaceship “ M Progress - 14Μ “. Start is planned for January, 26th 2012γ.
Thus for February, 14th 2011γ. The exit of cosmonauts in a free space is planned. During works behind a limit of station cosmonauts will collect dabs from an external surface of station. “ scientists want to know, whether there are on outer side of station living creatures, microorganisms “ - cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko during time a press - conferences 2011γ has told on December, 20th.
Earlier it was informed that crew which now works on MKS as a part of three persons: Anton Shkaplerov (Russia), Anatoly Ivanishin (Russia) and Daniel Berbenk (USA), will return to the Earth on March, 16th 2012γ. Leaving MKS, Daniel Berbenk will transfer command of station to the Russian cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko - to commander MKS - 31.
we Will remind, on November, 22nd 2011γ. The device of the piloted ship “ Union TMA - 02Μ “ with three cosmonauts has onboard landed in territory of Kazakhstan. On it MKS Sergey Volkov (Russia), Michael Fossum (USA), Satoshi Furukavu (Japan) have left.