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Russian Space Department has reflected on clone creation “ a Fobos - the Ground “

the Federal space agency does not exclude possibility of creation of the doubler of interplanetary space station “ a Fobos - the Ground “. The head of Russian Space Department Vladimir Popovkin has informed On it to journalists.
As he said, in February 2012ã. The decision on participation of Russia together with the European Union in the project " will be accepted; EkzoMars “ or about creation of the modernised device “ a Fobos - the Ground “. “ Today there are two variants of development: together with Europe to go to Mars or taking into account the made errors to make the new device. Till February 2012ã. This decision will be accepted “ - has declared V.Popovkin.
the Project “ EkzoMars “ assumes sending of interplanetary station and a mars rover to Mars in 2016ã. In 2011ã. The American agency NASA has refused participation in the project from - for budget reductions. After that the European space agency has suggested Russian Space Department to carry out start by the rocket “ the Proton “ and to establish at station and a mars rover the equipment.
the rocket of space appointment (RKN) “ Zenith - 2SÁ “ intended for deducing into an orbit Russian AMS “ a Fobos - the Ground “ started from the cosmodrome Baikonur on November, 9th 2011ã. At attempt of a conclusion to a space vehicle orbit there was a supernumerary situation and station remained in a basic orbit. During this moment “ a Fobos - the Ground “ was out of a visibility range of land stations of tracking. Technical malfunctions became the reason, presumably.
AMS “ a Fobos - the Ground “ should go to the companion of Mars to a Fobos. It is the first similar start for last 15 years. The station has been intended for research of a Fobos and delivery of samples of its ground to the Earth. Besides, it was supposed to spend a complex of scientific researches of a Fobos and Mars remote and contact methods. Together with Russian AMS to Mars the Chinese microcompanion YH - 1 went.
On predesigns of experts, the space vehicle “ a Fobos - the Ground “ will fall to the ground from January, 6 till January, 19th 2012ã. A strip from 51,4 degrees of northern width to 51,4 degrees of southern latitude. The stain and falling time can be predicted not earlier, than for some days, it is told in Russian Space Department message.