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The Minister of Defence refuses to accept GLONASS in operation

the Ministry of Defence of Russia refuses to accept in operation and to put on fighting watch satellite navigating system GLONASS. The main reason - degradation of satellite grouping, writes “ the Independent newspaper “.
Here a month instead of 24 operating space vehicles normally work only 23. Thus there is no guarantee of maintenance of grouping even in an incomplete configuration.
to restore orbital grouping the next months it is impossible.
the Failed companion Ή712 has served record 96 months and has completely developed a resource. In the same eighth point of the first orbital plane there was the reserve companion Ή729 started in the end of December 2008γ. But it “ has died “ on September, 10th 2012γ.
“ Alas, it is destiny of all companions of that period as on them there were Taiwan microcircuits. During war in South Ossetia it was found out that the defective orbital grouping does not provide an exact navigating signal. Worse that, times the signal in general vanished at some o`clock. And the president has disposed to force urgently creation GLONASS “ - writes the edition.
the impossibility of purchase of qualitative components is connected by that the USA have forbidden to sell Russia radiatsionno - proof microcircuits of a class space. All allies of America on the NATO and Japan have arrived as, marks “ the Independent newspaper “.
Now system GLONASS formally is considered in a stage of working out and is in pre-production operation. Up to the end 2012γ. The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation should accept system and all complex of responsibility for it, all working costs should be paid from the budget.
while GLONASS it is financed from the federal target program “ Global navigating system “. Should be soon accepted new FTSP “ Development GLONASS “ on 2012 - 2020γγ., but it does not provide pre-production operation continuation.