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Head SK about business Oboronservisa : At suspects very strong lawyers

On business Oboronservisa are coming difficult financially - economic examinations. About it in interview to the Russian newspaper the chairman of Investigatory committee of the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin has declared.
According to the head of department, it is necessary to find out, there were offences in business Oboronservisa or state property was on sale according to market conditions.
at this A.Bastrykin admitted that inspectors should face difficult legal nuances and to consider opinion of lawyers of suspects. Preparation of the lawyers protecting figurants of affairs, head SK has appreciated.
I will tell frankly: in business Oboronservisa there is variety of difficult legal issues. We will tell, sale of objects of real estate at certain cost. Now very strong preparation of lawyers, and it is good, it is healthy, and their arguments should be considered. On business Oboronservisa the task in view to spend serious financially - economic researches with attraction of large experts - economists and financiers who would state the conclusion. Only after examinations we have the right to declare: yes, this offence or, on the contrary, everything is all right. Market condition " was that; - has declared A.Bastrykin.
answering a question why recently has appeared at once affairs a little against the high-ranking officials, he has noticed that anybody prepared nothing for a dinner .
It does not mean at all that law enforcement bodies specially adjust resonant affairs in the relation of large and high-ranking officials by certain time or, say, by New year. Simply so there was razysknaja an activity of our field services and remedial activity of investigating bodies - it has explained.
simply fight against corruption as I believe, has got more accurate outlines. Now in this struggle there is a following stage. As the criticism absolutely fairly expressed, to a certain stage this struggle concerned basically small and average officials - head SK has added.
Earlier inspectors have filed criminal charges upon frauds with property of the Minister of Defence. According to SK, the damage for the sum more than 3 mlrd rbl. has been caused to the budget at realisation of the property of department by the companies, affilirovannymi with Oboronservisom Anatoly Serdjukov was which head until recently.
By this time on this business six persons are arrested. The general size of the damage put to the state, is estimated in 6,7 mlrd rbl.