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In Facebook it is necessary to pay for messages

Social network Facebook on December, 21st starts new service which allows to send messages to strangers, getting straight to them to the basic mail, instead of in a folder another writes The Wall Street Journal.
For additional service Facebook the company will demand a payment at a rate of 1 dollars for one message, on it has declared officially.
It is noticed that introduction of paid messages can be in the most effective way of struggle against undesirable mailings also guarantees reception by the user only the necessary data .
Now the system of paid messages is at a testing stage. According to representative Facebook, in small experiment a small amount of users of the USA will take part. Experiment is directed on the permission of situations when the options established by the user, antispam systems do not operate, he has noted.
the Companies which would like to advertise the brand, cannot use paid service " yet; - representative Facebook has underlined.
Social network Facebook has been created by Mark Tsukerbergom in 2004. Now the number of its users reaches 950 million Staff - the company apartment is in Menlo - Park (California).