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On an oil wave

Gazprom oil has doubled net profit

the High prices for oil have allowed oil Gazprom actually to double profit in the first quarter. The considerable effect was brought by work with financial tools that has given the chance to the company to earn additional 239 million dollars However as experts believe, the market conditions favouring oil Gazprom in the first quarter, in the second can already play against it.

a favorable price conjuncture which, according to head Rosneft Edward Hudajnatova, has allowed in 1,6 to increase company net profit, has had even more positive influence on financial results oil Gazprom which has actually doubled net profit. This indicator at oil daughters Gazprom has grown on 91 %, to 1,4 mlrd dollars It, according to analysts, is connected by that a number of items of expenditure oil Gazprom has grown less, than it was expected.

In particular, growth of costs for the export duty has made only 11 %. On a gain indicator both state companies have shown almost identical growth: Rosneft — 36,3 %, Gazprom oil — 35,2 %. It is remarkable that growth of cost of oil of mark Urals year by a year has made just 36 %.

the Further successes oil Gazprom as, however, and other state and private companies, will depend from all the same price conjuncture. And, as experts believe, in the second quarter world market influence on the Russian oil branch can already appear the return. the European economy does not show essential growth, stocks of oil products grow in the USA, therefore the next months we can see recoil in the oil market — The chief of department of investment analysis UK " has noted; University Dmitry Aleksandrov. According to its colleague, the chief of analytical management IK Aton Vyacheslav Bunkova, the trend turn in the hydrocarbonic market is dangerous for oil Gazprom from that point of view that use of the financial tools which have provided the companies in the first quarter additional 239 million of dollars, can become the reason of equivalent losses. the profit can become a loss. On the second quarter the net profit can appear at level 1150 mlrd dollars, can, even more low — Dmitry Aleksandrov believes.

As a whole indicators oil Gazprom allow to count on positive results of the company during the current year, the senior analyst IK " adds; Tserih Kepital Management Victor Markov. He pays attention that a lack of the Russian oil sector is the binding of tax loading to the price for oil.