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The Lithuanian greetings to Gazprom

Vilnius is going to buy gas in the USA

After almost annual conflict between Gazprom and Lithuania the Russian monopoly can lose a part of the export to the country the next years. The Lithuanian state company Klaipedos Nafta has made the decision on purchase szhizhennogo some gas at American Cheniere. Nevertheless, according to analysts, to Gazprom still early to worry.

the Lithuanian state company Klaipedos Nafta (KN) and American Cheniere Energy have signed the report on intentions on deliveries to Lithuania natural gas. The gas offered by Americans, on third is cheaper, than at Gazprom the Minister of Energy of Lithuania Arvidas Sjakmokas in interview Lietuvos Rytas has told.

Szhizhennyj the gas received by workings out of slates, will be delivered through SPG - the terminal which on a plan of the government of Lithuania will be constructed in the territory of constructions KN working in the Klaipeda state sea port of Lithuania. Building is planned to begin this year, and to finish - in 2014 - m. It is supposed that initial capacity of the terminal will make 1,5-2,2 million t in a year. Project cost, at a rough guess, will make 200-290 million euro.

In the long term with the American company and realisation SPG - the project on Baltic can press the conclusion of the long-term agreement Gazprom in the Lithuanian market, having selected at it a part of export deliveries. In the Lithuania this project is considered as the strategic step, called to weaken dependence of the country on the Russian monopolist. Conversations on it especially became more active after Gazprom Has reduced the price for gas for Latvia and Estonia, but has left its invariable for Lithuania. In Gazprom comments have refused.

Disagreements between the government of Lithuania and the Russian monopoly have begun about one year back when Vilnius has unconditionally accepted positions of the Third power package of EU according to which the companies - suppliers of gas cannot be owners of transport networks simultaneously. In May of last year the parliament of Lithuania has prepared the bill About gas according to which after allocation of the main gas pipelines from gas-transport company Lietuvos Dujos (37,1 % - a share Gazprom ) They will depart under government control. In the beginning of March Lithuania has threatened to Gazprom to break off the privatisation agreement of company Lietuvos Dujos if the Russian monopoly does not reduce the price for 15 %. In April Gazprom has expressed readiness to make concessions and reduce the price in exchange for fixing of volume of the deliveries, however any agreement it has not been concluded.

According to analyst FK Opening Vadim Mitroshina, it is not necessary to perceive the decision of Lithuania too seriously. A share of this country in deliveries Gazprom it is so small that the arrangement with Cheniere hardly will seriously be reflected in a gain of the Russian monopolist. Besides, while SPG - the terminal is not constructed, the country and further should buy gas at Gazprom . Now real alternatives at Lithuania are not present - has summed up g - n Mitroshin.

Purchases of gas at the American company hardly will seriously prevent to Gazprom The analyst " agrees; Uralsib Kepital Alexey Kokin. Capacity SPG - the terminal is insufficient for full satisfaction of requirements of the country in gas. By estimates of an analyst, in case of realisation of the project volume of deliveries Gazprom will decrease only on 40 %. He Besides, adds, by then, as the terminal will be constructed, surplus in market SPG most likely will disappear, therefore the prices on szhizhennyj gas can come nearer to long-term contracts Gazprom .

Cheniere Energy (Houston, the USA) - the American power company owning SPG - the terminal in Louisiana and pipeline Creole Trail connecting the terminal with commodity markets. The gain of the company following the results of 2010 has reached 291,5 million dollars, dead loss has made 76,2 million dollars