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The candidate without chances of a victory

Republicans in the USA have got the first applicant for a presidential armchair

At the working president of the USA Barack Obama there was a first official competitor on elections of 2012. To them was the former speaker of the congress of the USA republican Njut Gingrich who on Wednesday declared plans to stand in presidents. However experts doubt that he can win even on prajmeriz.

today I declare promotion of the nominee on a post of the president of the United States - has written g - n Gingrich in the microblog in Twitter on May, 11th. Thereby, it became the first representative in long - sheet of Republican Party which was not defined till now with the basic nominee against split of a conservative and moderate wing.

67 - the summer politician has entered Into history of the USA as the ideologist republican revolution : In 1994 its party for the first time for forty years has received control over the House of Representatives. However the success was short. In 1996 elephants trying to organise impeachment to president Bill Clinton of that time, have suffered shattering defeat on intermediate elections, and itself g - n Gingrich has left a policy.

Analysts consider that fact that Gingrich the first of republicans has proposed the nominee on a presidential post, nothing meaning. now demands are done by the candidates wishing simply to designate the positions but at whom many chances " are real not so; - the assistant to the general director of the Center of political technologies Alexey Makarkin has told daily.

While the field of candidates from Republican Party on a post of the president is formed not so actively, thus that usually they allocate the leader early enough. it is the uneasiest period for republicans. For the last two years they had some strong young men, truth when has cunningly put before presidential race, was found out that all of them either have too become familiar, or adhere to extremist ideology - the expert from University of California has explained daily Mettju Dallek.

the Last is especially important, as radicals do not enjoy the person popularity and at a choice of the major candidate the preference is given to more universal and flexible persons. in America only two parties, here it is impossible, as in Europe, a coalition of parties - only a coalition of voters. Those who traditionally votes for democrats or republicans, in the sum do not make even half come on elections, therefore struggle is conducted not only for the electorate, but also for doubting - has noted the expert of the Moscow centre Carnegie Maria Lipman.

In this connection experts agree in opinion that republicans can count on the former governor of the State of Massachusetts Mitta Romni who was one of the main contenders of senator John McCain on prajmeriz 2008. G - n Romni concerns a cohort of politicians of centrist type which usually serve as consolidating force in party. Besides, it is held in respect in business circles and possesses serious financial resources. But support of reform of public health services lobbied by the president has dropped it in the opinion of a conservative wing.