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Ekononomiki France and Germany has sharply added for I quarter

Economy of France and Germany has accelerated rates of increase following the results of the first quarter. So, the French gross national product has grown in January — March, 2011 on 1 % whereas the German similar indicator has added 1,5 %. Experts connect so considerable jump with export and import escalating, and also increase of internal demand.

According to the preliminary data of Federal statistical agency of Germany, country gross national product has grown in annual calculation on 5,2 % whereas analysts predicted growth at level of 4,2 %. In agency explain such growth record since 1950 export increase (7,3 %) and the lowest indicator of unemployment (7,1 %) in the history of the unified Germany. Restoration of demand for the basic article of export of Germany &mdash is thus marked; mechanical engineering. On a hand to Germans and that debt problems of the peripheral countries of an eurozone — Greece, Portugal and Ireland — yet have not strongly mentioned the main economy of region.

gross national product of France for the first quarter has grown on 1 % in comparison with the last three months, the preliminary data of national statistical bureau Insee testifies. Analysts predicted more moderate growth, at level 0,6 — 0,7 %, taking into account the extremely languid increase for the fourth quarter (0,3 %, according to the reconsidered report). In annual calculation the economy of the Fifth republic has added 2,2 % against expected 1,8 %.

Against good reports from Germany and France of euro has grown at the auctions to 1,4267 dollars