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BMW hurries up to Brazil

the World leader in manufacture of cars of a bonus segment BMW concern intends to use success of the first months of year for fastening of the positions in quickly growing markets of developing countries. The German motor-car manufacturer declared ground plans at once two new factories for thousand kilometres from native Bavaria.

We study variants of erection of new factories, for example, assembly manufacture in Brazil, and also one more enterprise, say, in Russia, South Korea, India or Turkey – – head of BMW Norbert Rajthofer at general meeting of shareholders of the company in Munich on Thursday in the presence of 4 thousand participants has informed. Besides, g - n Rajthofer has promised to continue to develop a global dealer network, first of all in India and China.

Till now the Munich autoconcern had own manufactures, mainly in China, the USA and Great Britain. The insignificant quantity of the cars of BMW lets out also in India and Southern Africa.

However the next years as analysts consider, the basic attention will be given growth in emerging markets. demand for the cars grows in these countries, different individual consumer qualities – – has underlined Norbert Rajthofer. By the way, and the competitor from Ingolstadt – Audi company – also considerably expands the capacities in Heavenly Empire.

Plans of expansion of BMW mean aspiration of concern to strengthen the leadership on sales volumes in comparison with Audi and Mercedes. We want be the leading manufacturer in a bonus segment – – head of BMW has designated a strategic target of Bavarians for 2020. Meanwhile during here five years they advance on global sales and Mercedes-Benz, and Audi.

According to Norberta Rajthofera, in 2011 the Bavarian concern intends to set up a record on realisation of the cars, having sold much more 1,5 million pieces . Thus, along with the basic mark – BMWs, record should become sale and such marks of the company, as Mini and Rolls-Royce.