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Donkey or horse?

the beginning of the long test of diesel Land Rover Freelander

In spite of the fact that Freelander lived enough car, Land Rover company tries to support to it interest of public. Almost every year there is in it something brand new, yet vidennoe anybody before. This time Freelander has got fresh 2,2 - a litre diesel cursor and other options. It will be how much adequate it to feel on roads of Russia?

When you approach to Land Rover Freelander 2011 of modelling year, the soul rejoices. It seems much more, than is actually. Certainly, on highway it is visible that it not huge Discovery or Range Rover but if to put the car on a parking near to schoolmates, such as Audi Q5 or Volvo HS60, comparison it is obvious not in their advantage.


the Car so brutalen that can descend for the present off-road car. The updated square lattice of a radiator as on Discovery, directs at these associations. The lifted up top of a bumper reminds of high geometrical passableness. Huge arches of wheels and skating rinks allow to overcome better ruts and potholes on a first coat. Vysokoprofilnye tyres with a deep protector should cling to a ground strong. Back sves it is insignificant that helps at perevalivanii through bueraki.

And here from the point of view of proportions Freelander remained clumsy. Forward sves it is much more and uvesistee back that gives rise in a shower looking to a discord. It and is clear, after all Freelander has the cross-section engine over a forward axis and the configuration similar to front-wheel cars. Though it does not prevent to have to it quite good passableness on a first coat.

the Very large door opens with noble effort. The forward panel abounds with buttons and levers. A wheel here large, from Discovery. Its square pillow has two chromeplated levers for horn activation, and near to spokes buttons of management of musical system and cruise - control have settled down. In general, a wheel very rich.

the Forward panel though is executed from cheaper by sight plastics, but a considerable quantity square vyshtampovok and angular elements of design gives it a brutal kind that should be pleasant to fans of off-road cars. Land Rover ranks itself as a bonus segment and even on Freelander offers a large quantity of unique options. On our test car amazing leather armchairs of beige colour with extremely soft pillows and a back are established. Forward seats have high armrests as in Range Rover, and at landing in the car it seems that you are set up on a throne. The left elbow can be put on a flat window sill, paternal life becomes simpler even more.

Back seats same soft and convenient, but here spaces here, of course, much less. Passengers sit highly, look far, but here knees prop up forward armchairs. Developing backs have the small size, paternal to sit not so comfortably, and the headrests lowered downwards strong stick into a back. If to lift them the review from a driver`s armchair through salonnoe a mirror suffers. This trouble is peculiar to many crossovers and minivans with transformed salon. But if backs nevertheless to combine, on the formed platform it is possible to arrange a high-grade bed. The felt upholstery and attracts to lie down.


Designers a little peremudrili with the button of start of the engine. It though also is, but with a key in a pocket to start a diesel engine it will not turn out. You press, and occurs nothing. It is necessary to push a key in an imperceptible nest under a peak of the forward panel. At the beginning, having inserted a key up to the end and having pressed it properly, you wait for motor start. But again it turns out nothing. Under a cowl only silence. Two operations it is necessary to carry out in common. Then the new diesel motor in a moment revives. Freelander shudders and calms down under measured rumbling of a diesel engine. It it is not audible almost, and only when you will disconnect a radio tape recorder and you will turn out a regulator of speed of the fan of climatic installation on a zero, it is possible to distinguish rezkovatoe and hoarse tarahtenie.

Transmission together with 2,2 - the litre engine is put checked up automatic from petrol versions. It is a little thoughtful that especially strains at departure from minor road on the main. Having noticed in a dense stream for a window, you press on an accelerator pedal, the car slowly moves forward and fades on pair seconds. Time goes, already it is time to refuse maneuver, intuitively be going to transfer a foot on a brake pedal, and here with lateness the rather strong moment rushes forth a crossover. Yes so that cars on the main road with a fright almost do not beat on brakes. In due course to this feature you get used and you start to press on gas long before occurrence windows .

At movement on a line front-wheel configuration Freelander is felt at once. Surplus of weight on a nose affects controllability of the car. At times it seems that the stern has serious underweight. Meanwhile it does not prevent to pass turns with quite good speed. Ahead even many weeks of tests Freelander. We will estimate consumer qualities of a new diesel engine, and the car we will tyre out on the off-road test with an estimation of system of modes of driving on a ground, a grass or sand. But about it next time.