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Antonina Babosjuk will release on bail in 30 million roubles

Today the Supreme court has made decision to release from - under guards on the security in 30 million rbl. of the vice-president of the supervisory board of jeweller holding the Three-copecks piece Antonina Babosjuk accused of contraband.

Babosjuk will be in custody before receipt of the mortgaging sum into the depositary account of the Supreme court, transfers ITAR - TASS. However Antonina Babosjuk Henry Padva`s lawyer has declared that now the family of Babosjuk has no 30 million rbl. in connection with dollar exchange rate falling also has offered court pledge at a rate of 25 million rbl. This all money which are in a family — the lawyer has told. The lawyer also has added that its client is in a pre-trial detention centre over 18 months, besides that on freedom it still had two minor children.

Investigatory management of FSB has raised on October, 5th, 2009 criminal case concerning a number of employees of jeweller holding the Three-copecks piece to signs of the crime provided by article of the criminal code of Russian Federation Contraband also has spent searches in network shops in Moscow, St.-Petersburg and Omsk. By a consequence it is established that in Istanbul a management of jeweller holding the Three-copecks piece the illegal office which employees were engaged in buying up of jewels at small Turkish manufacturers for the purpose of their subsequent illicit transportation on territory of Russia has been organised. At this office the citizens of Kirghizia leaving there on tourist visas worked.