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Experts: the Basic problem oboronki - recoils and raspily

Affairs defensive will discuss today in the Duma behind the closed doors. It is too much classified information, and in this branch it is a lot of problems. And the greatest share of fault for it lies on the Minister of Defence, has declared in interview - TV military expert Dmitry Litovkin.

Despite budgetary financing of reequipment in 20 trln the rbl., a condition of the Russian defensive enterprises does not improve, and following the results of last year gosoboronzakaz and has at all failed. Experts consider that branches are necessary off-budget means.

It is necessary - taki to use all market mechanisms because nobody will be put in oboronku if will not see from it concrete profit. If investors here do not come, support should be from the state budget — the director of the Center of the analysis of world trade as the weapon Igor Korotchenko considers.

Thus experts sceptically enough estimate also the initiative of the prime minister which has declared that the Minister of Defence can acquire the right to translate to the reliable suppliers 100 - percentage advance payment. if to speak about the Russian realities it is impracticable, — Igor Korotchenko is assured. — It is necessary to provide the mechanism of subsidising of credit rates. Because today the enterprises take credits in banks under commercial rates .

Industrialists reject charges in inability to let out the modern technics. The enterprises can let out that is necessary and how many it is necessary, a problem, in slowness of the customer. the Ministry of Defence should formulate precisely requirements to technics, to be defined, she will participate in what military conflicts. And then the industry will already do such technics under their requirements. At us it turns out so that to the middle of year of 70 % of the enterprises have not received from the Minister of Defence documents that something want from them — Dmitry Litovkin complains.

the Basic problem oboronki — it is corruption, some experts speak. Under their data, recoils and raspily eat nearby 10 — 15 % of the allocated means. To provide a system transparency it is possible, in particular having declassified the basic part of expenses on armed forces. Whether however will go on it of the power, experts not undertake to predict.