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Russian national team on hockey has lost Finland in a semi-final

Today in the World championship - 2011 on hockey the semifinal match in which there were Russian national teams and Finland has taken place. During an intense meeting the Russian hockey players, in fierce struggle the day before beaten Canada, could not pull out a victory at contenders. Thus, our command, almost having reached the ending, leaves struggle for gold .

the Match which could lead a Russian team to the World championship ending, has ended for Russia with the insulting account 3:0. The first washer has been hammered into gate of Russia on 5 - oh to minute of the second period by the Finnish hockey player Mikaelem Granlundom. The fantastic goal which sports commentators have already christened the most beautiful for all tournament, has been hammered from - for a collar: Granlund, having lifted a washer in air, through Konstantin Barulina`s shoulder has sent it in our gate. After some minutes Russia attacked the contender, however Sergey Zinoveva`s washer has got to a crossbeam. Other attempts of our national team to level the account during the second period have appeared unsuccessful.

the Third period which has begun with attack the Russian national team, became victorious for Finns. So, on 7 - oh to minute of the period the second goal of Russia hammers in Lajunen, after some minutes the third washer flies in our gate from giving of Immonena. Till the end of the period of the Russian national team and it was not possible to refract a situation.

As a result our command leaves final struggle which will be spent now by commands of Finland and Sweden. And Russian national team will meet a command of Czechia in a match for the third place.

in the Afternoon before Russian national team left in a World championship semi-final on hockey, having beaten favourites of tournament, Canadian national team, with the account 2:1. The victorious washer was thrown by Ilya Kovalchuk. The fierce and bloody struggle went with the first until the last second.

However, day has brought also pleasant news for fans of hockey. In particular, Russia has acquired the right to World championship carrying out in 2016 in Moscow and St.-Petersburg. Mistress CHM - 2016 was defined on congress IIHF which passed in Bratislava simultaneously with the World championship on hockey. To support the Russian demand in capital of Slovakia there has arrived the prime minister - the minister of Russia Vladimir Putin.