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the Office of Public Prosecutor has caught owners of sport centre on a conclusion of actives and leaving from taxes

Property of the Olympic complex Luzniki it was used with law infringement, the capital Office of Public Prosecutor has come to a conclusion. As a result of check it was found out that from balance Luzniki the most part of actives has been deduced, and grey schemes of calculations with tenants allowed a complex to leave the area of 145 hectares from payment of taxes. Having found out weight of infringements, the Office of Public Prosecutor has suggested the mayor of Moscow to protect Luzniki from lawlessness. Authorities of the capital and without a pointer of department have made such decision: the share already the former general director of a complex will be redeemed for 10 million euro.

According to the message of the Office of Public Prosecutor, given out to Luzniki During the Post-Soviet period the permission to trading activity has led to that by this time in sport centre territory have settled down more than 100 capital structures and over 3,5 thousand non-stationary objects. Objects of real estate have been deduced from balance of Open Society the Olympic complex Luzniki on foreign structures which structure of shareholders included Open Society.

As a whole Luzniki have founded 19 legal persons any of which did not conduct trading activity but only handed over premises in subrent at a face-value, it is considerable below market the Office of Public Prosecutor has found out. such scheme does not demand the state registration of the transaction and allows to leave from taxes and tax collections as a result of informal monetary calculations between the tenant and the lessor - it is explained in the department message.

For example, according to check, in March, 2011 only one of firms has officially received 90 million rbl. The rent income, whereas Luzniki from delivery of this property have received only 3 million rbl. According to the Office of Public Prosecutor, due to transfer in the budget money resources deliberately disappeared owners of a complex.

the Basic shareholder of the Olympic complex is it eks - general director Vladimir Alyoshin (6,08 % of Open Society and 53,95 % of Joint-Stock Company " directly own; Luzniki - progress to which posesses 30,36 % of sport centre). G - n Alyoshin has resigned on April, 27th - after a week after the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobjanin has fallen with criticism on Luzniki . How they have disappeared from the state treasury and how hundreds hectares in city centre have appeared at the private person together with stadiums and park with closed CHOPami? - The mayor was indignant. - you will not pass, you will not enter - and it is a park zone where people would walk, went in for sports .

Injustice of a situation in the report was noted also by Office of Public Prosecutor. Department has specified g - well Sobjaninu in necessity to take measures on protection of property interests of a city, cancellation of transactions with Open Society property OK Luzniki and to the termination of illegal use of the ground areas . Even before promulgation of results of check the government of Moscow itself has decided to receive control over a sports complex, having redeemed a share of the careless general director for 10 million euro. As have specified daily in department of property of a city, the preliminary report of Office of Public Prosecutor was ready in April when the mayor has opposed for the first time a private property in Luzniki .