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You give youth

MTS searches for new ideas in student`s

In particular, the president of MTS Andrey Dubovskov has presented at the summit the program of creation of the centres of youth innovations of MTS in cooperation with leading higher educational institutions of Russia. The centres become base for testing and working out of new devices, services and appendices and will promote reduction of term of commercial realisation of new ideas and technologies, he has underlined. The founder and the basic shareholder AFK System Vladimir Yevtushenkov has approved the project and has underlined that similar practice will be entered and into others biznesah holding.

In MTS interest to to young forces consider as a part of the program of introduction of system of open innovations. With its essence that workings out appear and take root not only forces of the research centres find fault - flew - the companies. People from outside are useful, when innovations pass a way from idea to an embodiment during schitanyh months forces of absolutely different experts. For example, in the communication market the community of wholesale trade WAC which provides easy interaction of software developers for mobile devices operates. MTS directs the efforts first of all on students, but further the operator is ready to involve in workings out and other audiences, including clients.