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Gazprom has opened secrets

About tariffs and cost of gas pipelines

After Transneft state Gazprom also has opened the information on the size of investments into pipelines and about tariffs for the services. For the first time this year the monopolist whom time and again criticised for enthusiasm for expensive building of pipes, is ready to lower investments in this sphere. However, in Gazprom do not exclude that plans can be corrected towards increase.

this year investments into building of pipelines will make 424,4 mlrd rbl. that on 3,4 % it is less, than in the past. In 2010 the monopoly has spent 439,3 mlrd rbl. This information contains in the documents of the company published to execute the governmental order from October, 29th, 2010 About standards of disclosing of the information subjects of the natural monopolies rendering services in transportation of gas on pipelines .

In Gazprom daily have explained that the sizes of investments are corrected in the end of each quarter and is not excluded that financing of new objects of transportation of gas can to increase, on the contrary.

the Total amount of investments current year will make 816,4 mlrd rbl. In relation to last year this indicator has fallen to 10 % with 894,3 mlrd rbl.

In particular, investments into building of a gas pipeline of Bovanenkovo — Ukhta will make 140,9 mlrd rbl. (a total cost of building — 989 mlrd rbl. in the prices for January, 1st, 2008), a gas pipeline Sakhalin — Khabarovsk — Vladivostok — 84 mlrd rbl. (a total cost — 467 mlrd rbl. in the prices of 2009), in system of the main gas pipelines Ukhta — Torzhok (first stage) — 49,5 mlrd rbl. (At a total cost of building 234 mlrd rbl. in the prices of 2009). Investments into Severo - the European gas pipeline, a site of Grjazovets — Vyborg, should reach 31,7 mlrd rbl. (154 mlrd rbl. in the prices for January, 1st, 2007). Building of a gas pipeline of Dzhubga — Lazarevsky — Sochi (a sea variant) within the limits of productivity increase will manage in 31,5 mlrd rbl. in the prices of the beginning of 2008, 22,2 mlrd rbl. has been invested in 2010.

Head East European Gas Analysis Michael Korchemkin underlines that at Gazprom silly high expenses for a gas pipeline Sakhalin — Khabarovsk — Vladivostok — at them the project will not pay off even at a total load. It is unprofitable for internal sales and strongly loses to factory SPG on Sakhalin - 2 .

the Expert pays attention that the system of transportation of gas on which there is half from all investment program of monopoly, will work not at the full capacity. Consumption of gas in the country is expected less, than designed capacity of gas pipelines.

Gazoprovod Bovanenkovo — Ukhta — Torzhok in the current prices is already estimated more than in 1,2 trln rbl. Till 2006 the monopoly planned to use a variant of delivery of the Yamal gas through a short crosspiece of Bovanenkovo — JAmburg. This way presumed to load completely working gas pipelines of Western Siberia, compensating extraction falling in Urengoe, Jamburge and on other deposits. Besides, this variant would manage to Gazprom in five - six times are cheaper at the same volumes of gas for the same consumers, marks g - n Korchemkin.

Cost of a lining of a pipe of 1 km on a site of Bovanenkovo — Ukhta makes 15 million dollars That twice exceeds expenses for other similar projects. So, 1 km of the pipeline Sakhalin — Khabarovsk — Vladivostok costs to 8 million dollars, and operators of European gas pipeline NEL have spent all 3 million dollars for 1 km, the analyst of Bank of Moscow Denis Borisov speaks. He also notices that high expenses are caused by special climatic and geographical conditions of that district where there passes a pipe.