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Happiness microbes

On the Moscow film festival has taken place gala - a premiere of the film the Target

the Scenario Targets director Alexander Zeldovich has written in the co-authorship with Vladimir Sorokin. Since creation of their previous joint picture Moscow has passed more than ten years. A new film to measures of the Russian hire of the huge size - almost three hours. But spent time precisely it is not a pity.

Russia, 2020, in the country the mode of ecological democracy (that is from everyone on the abilities, everyone by the nature - as - that so) is established. The refined minister of natural resources Victor (Maxim Sukhanov) lives with wife Zoe (Justin Uoddell) in the magnificent house, eats seeds of a plantain and in general all useful, lives not simply purely, and is sterile, having cleaned from the life together with microbes something very important like happiness.

Therefore they, and also Zoe`s brother TV reporter Mitja (Daniel Kozlovsky) and customs officer Nikolay (Vitaly Kishchenko) go to Altai. There it is possible to spend the night in territory of the thrown scientific laboratory, to be connected to space energy and to find life eternal. Local call this place the Target. Arrived, and also met by them in a way the fashionable teacher of the Chinese language Anna (Daniela Stojanovich) are connected, then form new love steams, and in general their life abruptly changes.

It and a philosophical fantasy that, of course, it is possible to be connected to natural powers, but is desirable to do it carefully because can connect so that will not seem a little. And social satire about the elite shifted on idea of eternal youth. To elite which has all the most fashionable and expensive of matblag, but still with primitive narrow-minded interest wishes to take a look at a crying icon of the Virgin. In the ending it will be indispensable a little bit firm sorokinskoj bloodthirstiness for which it so is not loved by some tireless patriots.

At last, there will be ruches and frills with which authors have plentifully decorated a film on purpose in detail to describe the future world. It is especially interesting to examine this future, considering that divides us with it only nine years. As these people are dressed, on what today`s kontsept - penalties go, in what languages inscriptions on their guide signs and where in general conduct these roads that " are made; descendants eat, in what play, on what beds sleep and with what accent speak. On the last that two main woman`s roles are played by foreigners works even.

it is interesting also as the anti-Utopia suddenly turns around a utopia. Mitja and Anna, found each other on open spaces of Altai, have in a stock eternity, therefore leave years on thirty to check up feelings. Possibly, they are waited by success, after all on spectator eyes the similar way convinced of the feelings two parallel characters which have received when - that for a long time a charge of space energy. That is immortality it is not too terrible, and the happiness can be where - that there, in sphere of scientific methods of correction of the person, and it will be unessential lobotomija.