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Hunting behind night beings

the American theatre of dance of Elvina Ejli connects passion and a prayer

Tours of the American theatre of dance of Elvina Ejli will pass from June, 28th till July, 2nd on a scene of Musical theatre of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich - Danchenko. It is a part of the international festival of modern dance DΰnceIinversions which spends theatre, and also a stage of two-month European tour nju - jorkskoj troupes. It except Moscow includes Petersburg, Norway, Germany and Switzerland. Tours will pass in frameworks of the American cultural season in Russia.

the Theatre of dance of Elvina Ejli has acted for the first time in the USSR in 1970, having amazed public unknown (after classical ballet) way to move on a scene: it seemed, dancers possess grace of a panther. Since then the troupe happened in Russia some times. Extraordinary flexible and dexterous black Americans brought different statements, but always showed a corporate style - sensual and vigorous, with carefully developed “ an articulation “ feet and a sharp expression of a trunk.

In the tour poster seven performances of the different years grouped in two programs - And and V.Tur across Europe is devoted 50 - letiju the most known performance of theatre, to ballet “ Revelations “ created in 1961. The opus put on music Black gospelov and a Negro spiritual, in America became cult. Experts say that it dancing statement most often executed in the world. The congress of the USA even has accepted the special decision according to which ballet is recognised by national property and “ a masterpiece, obligatory to viewing for all “.

Dance “ Revelations “ as if starts with depths of history, reminding of times of slavery and Baptist church services. Executors as though uplift prayers, overcome sufferings, pass a christening ceremony in water and in the ending collectively get to paradise.

In the program And to “ to Revelations “ three compositions - " are attached; the Night being “ “ Inside “ and “ Love stories “. The first is inspired by Duke Ellington`s music and sings of a riddle of erotic rituals under the moon. The second ballet the newspaper “ New York tajms “ named “ it is delightful impudent “: this masterly man`s solo, executed under the female voice singing about a being “ wild, as if a wind “. “ Love stories “ are under construction on integration of styles: zaboristyj hip - hop it is combined with the Caribbean, African and modern dances and - lja a disco on music of Stivi Uandera.

the Program In except “ Revelations “ includes ballets “ the Anointed sovereign “ “ Shout “ and “ Hunting “. In “ The anointed sovereign “ put last year, choreographer Christopher Haggins has thought up fast and furious dance in red and lilac clothes. “ shout “ - 16 - minute, very beautiful female solo about vicissitudes of life and their overcoming which Elvin Ejli when - that has presented the mother on birthday. And in “ to Hunting “ six dancers dressed in operate is black - red skirts. Under drumbeat sounds, using skills of sports and a picture of gladiatorial fights, they show “ the predatory party of human nature and primitive thrills of hunting “.