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M.Video chooses between London and Moscow

Ritejler searches for a platform for carrying out SPO

One of the largest Russian sellers of home appliances and electronics M.Video discusses possibility SPO in London, has reported Reuters referring to sources in bank circles. The company wants to involve 300-500 million dollars In the company did not begin to deny such scenario, however assert that if will gather again for a stock exchange it will be the Russian platform. Analysts agree in opinion that such plans can testify to one: ritejler prepares for purchase of actives.

SPO M.Video can already take place this year, has told Reuters a source in bank circles. In the company daily have informed that do not exclude such possibility, however could not specify, when it can occur, what sum M.Video wants to involve, and also on what money can go. the Only thing that it is possible to tell that we will absolutely precisely choose the Russian platform for placing - has declared a press - the secretary of the company Anton Panteleev.

the Company in 2011 is going to open 30-40 new shops, on what is planned to spend 2,2 mlrd rbl., has specified g - n Panteleev. Last year M.Video has opened 44 points, having spent the same sum from own means. To spend SPO to finance organic growth, M.Video certainly, does not become: the company does not have debt and last year it generated a lot of cash, the analyst " considers; Uralsiba Tigran Oganesyan. Involve to 500 million dollars the company can, if explosive growth of a network is planned or it has a plan to get the large player, the analyst adds.

M.Video Has already passed a rapid development stage, and speed of opening of new shops will decrease, as level predstavlennosti networks is already high, assured of regions an analyst of FG BKS Vladislav Metnev. And strategic plans of the company can consist or in sale to the investor, or in active purchase, - he believes. - in the latter case M.Video also it can be necessary SPO on the London platform. However obvious factors which would specify that it will occur in the near future, we do not see .

Before representatives M.Video confirmed to analysts that do not exclude SPO but while in these plans there is nothing concrete and to hurry up with it the company does not gather, analyst Rye, Man and Gor Securities Ekaterina Andrejanova marks. Probably, M.Video has received the interesting offer at the price and involves money under M &A - she has assumed.

By an estimation g - zhi Andrejanovoj, capitalisation M.Video now makes an order 1,5 mlrd dollars Attraction of 300-500 million dollars (these are 20-30 % of an authorised capital stock) will allow to get the player on scale of the business which is not exceeding thirds M.Video or, if it is an active with debts, - half, the analyst considers. However, g - zha Andrejanova supposes that M.Video can spend SPO and for increase of liquidity of the papers, in that case the new share issue will not be. At such variant the share of the basic shareholders " will be reduced; M.Video with present 70 to 50 %, she believes.

After IPO 29,2 % of actions of a network are in the free reference, 49,4 % belong to the president of the company Alexander Tynkovanu, Michael Tynkovan and Pavel Breev own on 10,7 %.

demand for papers M.Video At investors will be good, Tigran Oganesyan is assured, is a unique public company in the market of sales of electronics and home appliances. IPO M.Video has taken place in the autumn of 2007, the company has involved an order of 365 million dollars These means have provided active growth of a network, marks g - n Oganesyan. As he said, Eldorado in due time too tried, as M.Video and the Euronetwork to leave on a stock exchange, but and has not dared. the world has gone bankrupt, and tehnosila hardly has not stopped the existence.