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The Russian agroholding Valars Group will spend IPO in Poland

One of the largest agroindustrial holdings to CIS Valinor PLC today declared intention to spend IPO in Warsaw. The company plans to involve 200 - 300 million dollars which will be directed on business development. This year about plans to spend IPO declared the majority of the Russian agroholdings. And analysts notice that chances for successful placing at the companies will be more if they begin to sell large packages at the London or Warsaw stock exchange.

the Offer consists of new and existing actions Valinor PLC, - is told in the message of the company extended today for the Polish press. 200 - 300 million dollars with which the company expects to involve during IPO, will go on increase in ground bank of the company, at an intensification of manufacture and increase of operational efficiency, is specified in a press - release. As joint co-ordinators and bukrannerami release act Deutsche Bank and IK the Three Dialogue . The Polish bank BZ WBK acts as a local lead - the manager and the selling broker.
the core benefitsiarom the companies is its head Cyril Podolsky. Valinor PLC belongs to 358 thousand in hectare of the earth and seven elevatorov in Russia and in Ukraine.

this year about plans to involve money during IPO declared the majority of the Russian agroholdings. About it daily wrote in today`s issue. Analysts explain so amicable aspiration on a stock exchange of the Russian landowners to that the companies want to carry out of problem which could not execute from - for crisis 2008 - 2009. Agroholdings want to expand ground banks, to modernise available actives and to get the new.

And it is better, if the Russian agroholdings sell large packages at the London or Warsaw stock exchange, there they have more than chances for successful IPO, the analyst " considers; The Capital Renaissance Natalia Zagvozdina. At the Russian investors now a wide choice, and placings on RTS and on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange will be difficult.

Company Valinor is one of the largest agricultural enterprises of the CIS on the area of arable lands and crops. The company owns 358 thousand in hectare of the earth, including 235 thousand in hectare to Russia and 123 thousand in hectare in Ukraine. Company agricultural productions make grain crops (wheat, barley and corn), olive cultures (sunflower, raps) and a sugar beet. In 2010 it has been collected about 1,2 million tons of grain and olive cultures that on 16 % more than in 2009. Besides industrial base, Valinor owns warehouses cumulative capacity of 972 thousand tons, including three elevatorami in Russia and chetyremja elevatorami in Ukraine. Gain Valinor in 2010 has made 224,4 million dollars (growth on 35,9 % by 2009) and corrected indicator EBITDA 111,5 million dollars (growth on 241,2 %). The corrected indicator of profitability on EBITDA in 2010 has made 49,7 % against 19,8 % in 2009.