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Tele2 Has overstepped the limits

of Roskomnadzor asserts that the operator illegally renders services on Moscow Region

to Daughters operator Tele2 licence withdrawal for rendering of service of mobile communication in Moscow Region (MO) threatens, is told in the message of Roskomnadzora. Department considers that the base stations of the operator located in the Tula, Kaluga and Smolensk areas, illegally broadcast on territory MO. Branch experts consider that the regulator demands from the operator impossible - to supervise distribution of radio-waves for region limits basically it is impossible.

Roskomnadzor has directed claims to daughters Tele2 - Joint-Stock Company Votek Mobajl and Joint-Stock Company Smolensk cellular communication . The supervising body has fixed presence of a network of these companies in territory of Moscow Region where the company does not have licences for rendering of services of a mobile radio communication.

In Tele2 deny possibility of penetration of a signal to Moscow Region. we count a cover zone strictly on borders of the licensed territories. It is necessary to conduct research, whether signal Tele2 gets to Moscow Region. Base stations in this territory are not present, subscribers use roaming through a network the Megaphone therefore we hope for meaningful dialogue with Roskomnadzorom - representative Tele2 Alexander Bahorin makes comments on a situation. As he said, the operator offers the services only in licence territories which include all areas of the Central region, except Yaroslavl and Moscow. Though tariff Tele2 Call more cheaply actively moves ahead through the Moscow supermarkets, it is intended for summer residents and travellers for calls from other regions to Moscow and area with tariffing 1,5 rbl. a minute, the representative of the company explains. Repeated attempts of the operator to receive frequency GSM in Moscow Region have not crowned the success, the regulating body has not found free frequencies.

On a question daily about how the operator should prevent penetration of radio-waves into Moscow Region from the next regions, in Roskomnadzore have answered the following: For elimination of infringements of Joint-Stock Company Votek Mobajl and Joint-Stock Company Smolensk cellular communication options of the base stations located at borders with Moscow Region should result, in conformity with is frequency - the territorial plan which has been given out them Roskomnadzorom so that the signal of these base stations crossed border at a minimum level .

the Operator is not obliged to carry out abstract instructions of a regulator. The photons bearing a radio-frequency signal, do not submit to Roskomnadzoru, nobody can influence physics laws, - the independent expert in the field of the telecommunication right Anton Bogatov speaks. - Tele2 is obliged to fulfil only formal requirements registered in it is frequency - the allowing documentation. If capacity of base stations in the specified areas corresponds to it the operator does not need to undertake any actions, it is a problem of the bad measuring equipment of Roskomnadzora. If requirements of a frequency range are broken, this problem should be solved Tele2 . Reports on an administrative offence are directed to Arbitration courts of the Voronezh and Smolensk areas, informs Roskomnadzor.