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Gazprom leaves on the prices

Home market there is more and more profitable

In 2010 a gain from gas realisation Gazprom in Russia has grown on 24 % in comparison with 2009, to 614,7 mlrd cubic m. Thus the volume of realisation of gas to the Russian consumers has grown all on 2,2 %, the basic growth have arrived monopoly has received for the account of increase in tariffs. Nevertheless average cost of gas in home market while twice below the export.

In 2011 the receipt of gas in Russia should grow on 28 %, to 850 mlrd rbl. with last year`s 614,7 mlrd rbl., the general director of Open Company " has informed; Gazprom mezhregiongaz Cyril Seleznev to agency. Last year the gain of monopoly from realisation of gas in the country has increased by 24 %. Last week the general director export Gazprom The chairman of the board of gas concern Alexander Medvedev predicted a gain of concern from export of gaz in the far abroad in 2011 more than 60 mlrd dollars that on 26,9 % more than in previous (43,87 mlrd dollars) .

Volume of realisation of gas group Gazprom mezhregiongaz in 2010 has made 301,3 mlrd cubic m of gas (growth of 2,2 %), from them 262,1 mlrd cubic m of gas has gone from own resources. Thus the average price of gas in home market last year has increased by 24,4 % in comparison with a similar indicator of 2009, to 2,35 thousand rbl. for 1 thousand in cubic m. Considering the planned growth of cost on 15 % this year to inhabitants of Russia gas on the average will manage in 2,7 thousand rbl., has noted g - n Seleznev.

the Delayed debts of all categories of consumers against group Gazprom mezhregiongaz last year has grown on 10 mlrd rbl. and for January, 1st, 2011 has made 43,6 mlrd rbl. last year thanks to rise in prices Gazprom could get for the first time profit on sales in home market — 110 — 120 mlrd rbl.

Earlier the concern planned to leave in 2011 on ravnodohodnost internal and export deliveries, however from - for crisis of 2008 term has been removed for 2014. And and then transition to market principles of pricing will occur only in calculations to industrial consumers, for the population the state will continue to regulate wholesale prices.

the Beginning of this year became for Gazprom quite successful, for first four months of year the holding has put to consumers 136,8 mlrd cubic m of gas that on 2,2 % more than a last year`s indicator for the similar period. The internal price of natural gas still makes only 95 dollars for 1 thousand in cubic m, or 48 % from net back, the senior analyst " speaks; Arbat the Capital Vitaly Gromadin. That is for achievement ravnodohodnosti at preservation of other factors tariffs need to be increased still twice.

But while to it goes, the increasing share of the market is occupied with independent manufacturers of gas. Last year on Gazprom 73,8 % of home market of gas against 75,1 % in 2009 were necessary. By 2030 the share of independent manufacturers in maintenance of demand for gas in the country should grow presumably to 48 % from an order of 35 % flowing, marks g - n Vast objects. According to the director of department due diligence 2 Audit — Business consultations/ Morison International Alexander Shtoka, now still there is a discussion concerning possibility to make even the export and internal prices for increase of appeal of branch. Also it is not excluded that transition term on ravnodohodnost will be removed and further 2014.