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Bruxelles asks the help at Robin the Buzzing

the Eurocommission wants to impose as soon as possible the all-European tax

this week Eurocommission plans to discuss within the limits of the new seven-year budget idea of the tax to the financial transactions, Tobina named also the tax or the tax Robin of the Buzzing . As has informed Financial Times, introduction of similar gathering at the all-European level will help to lower dependence of the budget of EU on receipts from member countries, some of which hardly make ends meet.

Now dependence of treasury of EU on national budgets is highest. For example, this year about 80 % from the general expenses of EU in 126 mlrd euros will be covered from national budgets. However euroofficials are full of determination to lower this indicator beginning since 2014. the commission will propose on this question, and it will be ambitious — Quotes FT the committee-man under Andreas Schwarz`s budget. By what particularly the tax will be approved, he, however, has not informed.

Eurocommissioners offered earlier different variants of replenishment of treasury: for example, the tax to aviatransportations or gathering for trade in quotas on issue of hotbeds of gases. The favourite, however, is the tax of Tobina named by name of the American economist. This tax also quite often call the tax Robin of the Buzzing .

For introduction of this gathering in March the EuroParliament has voted, having confirmed its size from 0,01 to 0,05 % from the size of financial transaction. According to members of parliament, the tax of Tobina will lead to decrease in speculative trade and will force the companies to bring the contribution to overcoming of consequences of financial crisis. Now it is necessary, that this idea was supported also by all countries entering into EU.

Analysts as a whole positively estimate idea of uniform gathering. As they say in research of the British Institute of studying of the development, the given tax if will not cope with a reduction problem volatilnosti in the markets then will allow the states to collect the multi-billion sums. By their calculations, the tax even at a rate of 0,005 % from transaction under condition of its introduction at global level can bring more than 800 mlrd dollars (560 mlrd euro) in a year.

In my opinion, tax introduction is both economic, and political step. Many large states — members of EU are dissatisfied with fast streams of the capital ( hot money ) And also short sales. According to some politicians, the tax of Tobina should help to struggle with such transactions. However, I am not assured that all countries — members of EU will agree on its introduction — the analyst of the London school of economy Tom Kirhmajer has told daily.

idea of the tax of Tobina Germany and France, and here Great Britain Most actively support opposes. Inexpediency of introduction of the similar tax declare also IMF both the European Central Banks and financial regulators. Critics assert that for maintenance of efficiency the tax to transactions should be entered on a global scale, instead of at the European level. They consider that if Europe will approve such gathering alone financial institutions will translate the business to Asia, the USA and other countries.