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Afghanistan has lost the main banker

the Chairman of Central Bank of Afghanistan Abdul Kadyr Fitrat has run away in the USA, being afraid for the life. Its participation in investigation of scandal round the largest private bank of country Kabul Bank became the reason for similar fears. In the homeland runaway g - on Fitrata named an irresponsible act also have assured that that is dishonest and bears partial responsibility for a financial institution collapse.

the Reason on which I could not resign in Kabul, there was that my life was in serious danger, - the official in interview Reuters Insider in hotel in suburb of Washington has told. - after in April I have acted in parliament and named a number of persons, responsible for crisis in Kabul Bank, I have threatened the life .

In September, 2009 Kabul Bank it has appeared on the verge of a collapse in connection with mass outflow from it population contributions. People began to withdraw means against messages that employees of bank and the high-ranking officials approached to the president of Afghanistan, bought up under the credit real estate in the United Arab Emirates. As a result the bank debts have exceeded 900 million dollars, the part of managers has been dismissed, and management Kabul Bank have transferred to country Central Bank.
itself g - n Fitrat asserts that was possible to return only 62 million dollars I have fears that these influential people remain unpunished. For 10 months after crisis I has inflamed has not seen any desire from law enforcement bodies to press on large borrowers so that those have paid debts - he has told.

Making comments on departure g - on Fitrata, a press - the secretary of the head of Afghanistan Vahid Omer has declared that resignation of the official has not been issued properly, and it is one of suspects waste of means Kabul Bank. This treachery Afghani the people and very irresponsible act, - has told g - n Omer. - Partially he is guilty in crisis Kabul Bank . The representative of the Central Bank of Afghanistan Ajmal Hashur has confirmed that g - n Fitrat has not directed the official application on resignation, and on its departure regulating body has learnt from messages of mass-media. we do not know, who will replace g - with Firata. The decision depends on president Karzaja - quotes it The Wall Street Journal.

Scandal round the chairman of Central Bank can aggravate and without that intense relations between the authorities and IMF. Last has refused to transfer the next credit tranche to Afghanistan after it became known about financial frauds in Kabul Bank. The basic condition of renewal of the help named acceptance of a package of measures which would allow to avoid repetition of a similar situation in the future. However past week negotiations were at a deadlock, after the Minister of Finance of the country Omar Zahival named them Time waste .