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Struggle against consumption

BMW will let out new complete set X1 with the expense of 4,5 l/ 100 km

High profitability - not only an occasion to surprise visitors of exhibitions, but also the effective marketing tool. BMW from this proceeds, announcing fast occurrence on sale of supereconomic version X1.

in the Autumn of current year the ruler of this model will be added by the version sDrive20d EfficientDynamics Edition. Its declared expense will average 4,5 l/ 100 km. A secret in 4 - a cylinder diesel engine with technology of BMW TwinPower Turbo.

Level of issue WITH at it 2 - the litre motor also is an occasion to pride of the company - only 119 g on kilometre that became a record for BMW with an index X in the name. Productivity of a tiny crossover thus will be quite to itself not shameful: capacity of 163 l. With. (It is reached in a range 3250-4200 about./ minute), a twisting moment of 380 Nanometers (it is accessible between 1750 and 2500 about./ minute) . Differently, the statement of the company for the advanced parity sportivnost/ profitability at this car a stretch does not look.

Except the advanced engine the model will receive weight of shifts raising profitability. A standard option is the brake system recycling an electricity at braking, there is function Auto Start Stop, the steering has got the electromechanical amplifier. Also the car has easy alloys in designs and tyres with low resistance kacheniju.

And one more innovation, not concerning economy and ecological compatibility, will serve new level of comfort of passengers. It is a question of recently developed technology of isolation of salon for reduction of an arriving sound of the engine. This antinoise optimisation is entered since autumn 2011 on all diesel versions of BMW X1.

By the way, in a camp of petrol complete sets of a crossover replenishment also is expected. Then, since autumn of this year, the complete set with 4 - the cylinder engine (here all the same technology of BMW TwinPower Turbo), developing 184 l will go on sale. With. The announced characteristics of a novelty - from 7,1 l/ 100 km and 165 g WITH on kilometre.

With a conclusion of new engines the motor ruler of BMW X1 will increase to three petrol and four diesel power units capacity from 143 to 245 l. With. And the quantity of the complete sets, different transmissions, presence of a back or full drive, will increase to ten.