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Toyota tests a sports hybrid

in 2010 of Toyota presented on the Tokyo motor show a sport car with a hybrid power-plant. In the past days off it has taken part in 39 - j under account 24 - hour race on endurance in a Nurnburgring.

History of the project of Toyota GRMN Hybrid Concept II long enough. Even from the moment of release in 1997 Prius, first-ever serial benzinovo - an electric electromobile with rather modest dynamics, the manufacturer has considered hybrid technology so promising that was engaged in active researches on its application in racing and sports cars. Creation GRMN Sports Hybrid Concept II - an important step to this work.

the Car has been completely developed by command Gazoo Racing, in which track record of experts - creation Lexus LF superpenalty - A. In comparison with the initial version shown in last year, the car has received some updating.

the Conceptual all-wheel drive cabriolet has srednemotornuju configuration. Its basic engine - petrol V6 in volume 3,5 l - develops capacity of 245 l. With. This unit works together with the electric motor located in a face-to-face part of the car. The novelty total power reaches 295 l. With. It it is enough to disperse polutoratonnyj a race car to 100 km/ ch less than for 6 with.

In Toyota notice that the all-wheel drive hybrid has excellent manoeuvrability and at the expense of configuration of the power-plant provides the best stability on road in comparison with traditional cars. At the same time the manufacturer discloses the information on the car rather dozirovanno. For example, II and its other characteristics like the maximum speed Japanese inform nothing on degree of profitability GRMN Sports Hybrid Concept.

to Start a sport car in sale of plans is not present, however the technical decisions realised in an experimental sports car, subsequently it is planned to apply at construction of serial cars.