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The cat`s fitness

the Smart feeding trough will force pets to hunt

In sale the special device for fat cats has arrived. Besides, it will approach also to cats harmonous as will not allow to them to grow fat and very lazy. The special bowl for feeding of house pupils urged to make feeding process by the present adventure for any cat.

Device Aikiou Cat Stimulo Feeding Station has been specially developed to raise level of activity of the animals locked within four walls. After all the average cat practically without a break idles all the days long - sleeps, rolls on a sofa, and in breaks is inertly tightened on kitchen, where for it already nasypan a forage while koshaki, living in wild conditions, should extract to itself livelihood independently.

the Novelty should induce a house cat to active pastime. Its sliding glasses which had on different depth in a special tray, remind minks of small animals. The forage is inside put, and the cat should get a paw into glasses to get and get food.

As a result food intake is stretched in time that positively affects digestive process. Besides, cats take part in original hunting. Game process is interesting as kittens, and grown wise experience to cats who at the respectable age could lose desire to movement. Adaptation Aikiou Cat Stimulo Feeding Station can be ordered in the Internet - shop Thinkgeek. com at the price of 25 dollars