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Brendovaja idea

Banks search for partners in card programs

In struggle for the retail client under programs of release of plastic cards banks try to make as much as possible attractive the proposal, using besides other kobrending, bonus programs and loyalty programs. However the future — behind complex products and multibrendovymi projects, assure bankers.

According to the Central Bank, by domestic banks it is emitted more than 144 million plastic cards. But on a share kobrendovyh it is necessary about 1 % while in the western countries, according to the experts, such cards occupy more than 60 % of the market. A number of the American banks offers the clients some hundreds kinds kobrendovyh cards while at the largest Russian those banks the maximum from tens will be typed.

According to Bank of Russia, in 2010 Petersburgers hardly paid cards the goods and services more actively, than drew out money in cash dispenses (115,5 million operations against 111,8 million operations). However the volume of removals in cash dispenses exceeded volume of payment of the goods and services approximately seven times (741,6 mlrd rbl. against 106,1 mlrd). By the way, on the average across Russia people in 2,1 times draw out money in cash dispenses is more often, than pay the goods and services, and the sum of removals exceeds the sum of payments of 9,6 times.

On “ a round table “ organised daily at restaurant “ Shalyapin “ representatives of banks have discussed development prospects kobrendingovyh projects. Bankers have noticed that the client in Petersburg differs prodvinutostju (an exception even pensioners often are not) and if earlier the consumer was interested only in quantity and a site of cash dispenses now it additional benefits and advantages from card use interest.

Here again kobrend, bonuses and loyalty programs can influence a bank choice — the emitter of a card. Banks play human psychology and congenital draught of consumers for a freebie.


“ kobrendingovye programs are encouraged with payment systems which are interested in turn increase. By the way, at start of any kobrenda it is required to obtain the permit of payment system — both Visa, and MasterCard very much think much of what name will stand near to their logo “ — Sergey Inkin, the councillor of directors of bank SIAB speaks.

In general at the heart of any kobrenda business - idea lies. “ It is supposed that both partners will receive the benefit at the expense of attraction of new clients and turn increase “ — Alexander ShChelkonogov, the operating director of department of corporate sales of Petersburg branch VTB24 speaks. The bank besides it has benefit also at the expense of the commission — interchange fee, received from trading - a service network at payment through terminals; on the average it makes 2,2 % from the sum of payment which are distributed between bank — the emitter of a card, bank - ekvajerom and payment system.

Bonuses which have material expression in frameworks kobrenda, are paid both bank, and its partner (a concrete parity of expenses individually, uniform standards are not present), and the bonuses enlisted by money into the account, these are costs of the bank.

In Russia the most part kobrendingovyh projects is necessary on projects with airlines (which, by the way, only 5 % kobrenda in the West occupy).

“ More than half from ours kobrendingovyh cards it is necessary on the project with “ Aeroflot “ however unconditional interest from consumers cause and later appeared the project about MTS and the charitable project “ Present life “ — tells Liliana Pluzhnikova, the chief specialist of management of service and sales of a filial network of Severo - the Western bank of the Savings Bank of Russia.

At start of any kobrenda important precisely to calculate additional expenses for partners and the benefit blocking these expenses, and also to define a certain mechanism of charge of bonuses, miles, minutes of conversations and etc. Therefore designing kobrenda — it is unique enough and long process. The partnership can be discussed by years. Misses in a partner choice can result not only in absence of benefit from the project, but even to reputatsionnym to risks (bankruptcies “ Where. ru “ “ Arbat Prestige “ became an unpleasant surprise for Citybank and bank “ the Russian standard “ started corresponding kobrendy).

“ Anyway over project advancement it is necessary to work, put means in marketing, differently the project can die, without having had time to be born, — Sergey Inkin considers. — It is necessary not only initiate interest to the project at the consumer, but also constantly to support ญ it. Simply to put a logo of the partner and to wait that the client will go, the sense is not present “.

besides aviatransportations Russian kobrend differs love to sotovikam and ritejleram. Perspective enough in the near future can become projects with gasoline stations, autodealers, grocery ritejlerami.

In bank SIAB are assured of perspectivity kobrenda with travel agencies. “ for the first month of sales “ Cards of the traveller “ we have issued 3000 cards that confirms our conviction in timeliness of a product. Issue till the end of the year should make 17 — 23 thousand cards “ — Sergey Inkin about new kobrendingovom the project of bank SIAB with a network " speaks; Intourist Shop of travel “.

At the same time any domestic kobrendingovyj it is impossible to name the project mass. Often trading - service networks do not see obvious advantages from the project (in comparison with own bonus programs) and are not ready to be put seriously in it. Sergey Inkin notices that an average time of recovery of outlay kobrendingovogo the project — three years, a break-even point comes through six - eight months from the beginning of sales kobrendovogo a product.


But frequently that is now in the Russian market, not kobrend, and is faster attempt to organise cross-country - sales and to get short-term profit. For this reason very often benefits for the client are unevident, for got points or bonuses are insignificant against made expenditure (for example, for the sake of one flight on a short distance ekonomklassom in “ Aeroflot “ it is necessary to spend on a card almost a half-million of roubles).

“ the Outlined trend — it is transition from kobrenda to a multibrand, — Alexander ShChelkonogov from ยาม24 speaks. — to the Client to be more interesting not to adhered only to one brand (partner), and to receive the whole complex of privileges in the various companies. It is a question of development of discount programs on a bank card. In this connection the second tendency by which we also are guided, it, as well as in the West, segmentoorientirovannaja model of sales. Thus segmentation can be spent both on level of the monthly income of clients, and on model of their consumer behaviour “. For example, the products calculated on automobile owners, students, women.

“ Sometimes to the client more, than kobrend, the program of loyalty for owners of cards when the holder receives discounts in hundreds shops at a rate of 5 &mdash is convenient; 20 % depending on a category of a card and goods kind “ — marks Liliana Pluzhnikova.

On development of programs of loyalty are going to do an emphasis many banks as pure benefit for the client and absence of costs for bank as the discount is given by the trading partner of bank for the sake of sharp increase in a stream of the clients at the expense of clients of bank (as as show researches here takes place, paying off with a plastic card, people are ready to spend for 30 % more, rather than if calculation goes cash).

At the same time the overwhelming majority of cards is let out within the limits of salary projects. And “ wholesale suppliers “ clients — corporations — look absolutely at other factors at a bank choice, rather than on exclusive conveniences to the employees. All depends on mutual relations of bank with the concrete corporate client. Besides, kobrend within the limits of salary projects it is not always pertinent, as it initially product aimed at any category of consumers (for example, kobrend from MTS it is not necessary to subscribers “ the Megaphone “ “ a Biline “ and etc.). The usual program of loyalty with discounts in networks - partners at payment (or after a presentation) a bank card will be much more interesting, than kobrend.