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Revolution in white dressing gowns

Tatyana Golikova and Leonid Roshal have argued on the law on public health services bases

the Bill of public health services bases ­ has divided medical community into two camps. One led by the Minister of Health Tatyana Golikovoj support its prompt acceptance. Others together with medical oppositionist Leonid Roshalem demand document completion. The dispute which has taken place yesterday between two camps has brought an official position victory. However supporters of the known doctor do not hurry up to recognise defeat and hope that the document nevertheless will be finished, differently it becomes absolutely useless both for patients, and for doctors.

In the first of July the State Duma will consider in the second reading the bill of the public health services, become by apple of discord between Minzdravsotsrazvitija and the president of National medical chamber Leonid Roshalem. Yesterday verbal fight has moved to scientific research institute of Gelmgoltsa where the meeting of public organisations - participants ONF has taken place. Atmosphere was heated even before arrival of the main opponents: in a small premise for “ a round table “ obviously there were no chairs and conditioners. “ here it, an evident illustration of system of public health services “ - the present timidly joked.

Rassadka of protagonists of action - Tatyanas Golikovoj and Leonid Roshalja - too was symbolical. As the arbitration judge between them Svetlana Orlova sat the vice-president of the Federation Council, constantly cooling getting excited orators a reminder that “ within the limits of a popular front a word will give all “. The Minister of Health and the children`s doctor preferred not to enter with each other direct polemic and whenever possible against each other not to look.

Even styles of speeches of protagonists “ a round table “ too it is frank raznilis. G - zha Golikova as the profile official, tried to expose the new law in the most advantageous colour, without stinting phrases “ essentially new “ and “ for the first time “ figures and kantseljarity. As she said, the new bill - it is maximum “ patsientotsentrirovannyj “. Its discussion on various platforms has begun since July, 2010, thousand amendments and offers have been considered. “ if we do not pass the law now it will stop many other laws. The system of public health services without adoption of this law remains scrappy, instead of system. It zabuksuet “ - worried g - zha Golikova.

Leonid Roshal in turn focused attention that bill discussion passed kuluarno and to any serious opponent of the prompt adoption of law of a word has not been given. In its opinion, the law is registered in such a manner that heads of medical institutions ­ are not responsible for public health services development. Having agreed with that sooner or later it is necessary to accept the law (the previous operates since 1993 and it is fairly obsolete), it has reminded that it is not necessary to do it hastily, without having got rid of set of white stains. “ I four times have read head that such paid/ free (health service­. - daily), - all the same has understood nothing! “ - has given an example g - n Roshal.

“ If you do not understand something, it does not mean that is not clearly written “ - the doctor in a hall has exclaimed in reply to this passage. “ yes, probably, installation not today has been allowed to discuss the law, and to discuss Roshalja “ - it was carried by by whisper on numbers.

During discussion present at a hall also were divided into two camps. The chairman of committee of the Federation Council of Valentine Petrenko with an anguish told that behind each line of the new law human life is covered, therefore the law needs to be accepted as soon as possible. “ In the new law many important points have been forgotten “ - one of developers of the law 18 - summer prescription, the chairman of trade union of workers of public health services Michael Kuzmenko opposed. “ In the law there are no patients and doctors, and there are only patients and medical workers “ - Pavel Vorobev from MGMU of Setchenov got excited. In its opinion, from - for uzkosti definitions the doctor passing along the street has no right to assist the patient because he officially has not addressed for the help.

to Reconcile both parties the first vice-president of commission RSPP on the industry of health Victor Cherepov has tried, having joined at once both positions. “ the law should be qualitative, and it needs to be accepted more likely “ - he has declared.

As a result the victory in ideological dispute nevertheless has been written down into the account of Ministry of Health. “ I had such impression that the majority present for bill acceptance “ - has told g - zha Golikova to journalists. However supporters g - on Roshalja nevertheless do not hurry up to recognise defeat. “ in the middle of June Putin so there is a chance has agreed with the point of view of Roshalja even that the law will be qualitatively finished, instead of accepted in haste with quality degree “ as always “ - one of participants " hopes; a round table “.