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Mironov: Matvienko`s election as the head of Council of Federation - a deceit with all that it implies

the Deputy and the party leader Fair Russia Sergey Mironov considers a deceit methods of the governor of St.-Petersburg of Valentina Matvienko on a way to the Federation Council. In opinion spravorossa, Matvienko is selected the deputy of municipal council only to acquire the right to be delegated to the Federation Council.

Fairly — no, for one simple reason. Fairly, it if the person is selected (the deputy of municipal council), and it will be a deceit because it is selected to acquire only the right to be delegated to the Federation Council — results - Petersburg Mironov`s words before the beginning of plenary session in the State Duma. He also has noticed that the given situation speaks About ushcherbnosti that law which has accredited on a new order the Federation Council .

the Logic was correct: the deputy was selected, the deputy works, and from structure of the deputy case the Legislative Assembly delegates the representative to the Federation Council. And here now the situation when Matvienko`s madam will not be to work day in that municipal union on which it is selected, is a deceit from the very beginning with all that it implies — the former speaker of the Federation Council has concluded.

on May, 28th it became known that Matvienko it has decided to be selected in the Federation Council. In particular, it has accepted such decision after a meeting with president Dmitry Medvedev. As wrote daily, now all question — in procedure of its leaving from a post and arrival to the parliament upper chamber. procedure most likely will be tightened for a long time, about two months — the high-ranking interlocutor daily in the Kremlin assumes. As he said, the variant at which it will not turn out situations when the governor will go on elections to any municipality will miscalculate now and them will lose (in Matvienko`s Federation Council can get, only having selected the deputy of Legislative Assembly or municipal meeting).

Before Matvienko informed that does not see for itself anything humiliating in becoming the deputy of municipal council, adding that plans to pass elections in municipal council of one of districts of Petersburg till the end of August, 2011.

Municipal councils — these are bodies of local authorities, very important power in a city. I think, as further councils will amplify from the point of view of transfer of powers by it — she declared.

on June, 24th president Medvedev has informed that supports the offer of some governors about Matvienko`s promotion in speakers of the Federation Council. Then the president has noticed that the woman on one of the central places in the state hierarchy will promote modern development of the country.

In case of Matvienko`s appointment as the chairman of the council of Federation it will replace on Sergey Mironov`s this post which has been withdrawn on May, 18th, 2011 by the decision of Legislative Assembly of St.-Petersburg from council. Mironov occupied a post of the chairman of the council of Federation since December, 2001. Matvienko is the governor of Northern capital from the end of 2003.