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Medvedev has presented the primary goals of a budgetary policy till 2014

the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev suggests to fix rules of use of oil and gas incomes, is told in the message about the budgetary policy in 2012 - 2014 which publishes a press - service of the Kremlin. Besides, the president considers necessary decrease in a share of the state in state companies below a controlling stock.

In particular, in the document it is specified that since 2015 it is necessary to fix rules of use of oil and gas incomes and restriction on the size of deficiency of the federal budget. Besides, at formation of the federal budget for 2012 and for the planned period 2013 - 2014 it is necessary to provide within the limits of a transition period creation of preconditions for introduction of the specified rules . Thus it is necessary to provide stabilisation and the subsequent decrease in deficiency of the federal budget.

In the message the head of the state also specifies that on 2012 - 2013 will be lowered rates of insurance payments in the state off-budget funds: from 34 % to 30 %, and for small-scale business and the noncommercial organisations - to 20 %.

Negative financial consequences of a global economic crisis have not allowed to balance the made decision on increase since January, 1st, 2011 of the total rate of insurance payments in the state off-budget funds from 26 % to 34 % measures under partial indemnification of the increased financial loading on employers that negative impact on prospects of economic growth " has made; - president Medvedev marks.

According to the head of the state, the problem nevertheless has been a little softened at the expense of granting of the right of payment of insurance payments under the lowered tariffs to a number of categories of the organisations. But these measures have fragmentary character while the problem demands the system decision - it explains.

Besides, according to Medvedev, the next years the state role in direct management of economic actives should be essentially lowered. it is necessary for government of the Russian Federation to define the schedule of privatisation of large share holdings in the key companies supervised by the state, having provided decrease in a share of participation to level below a controlling interest or refusal of such participation - marks the president. However, the organisations working in infrastructural sectors or directly connected with safety of the state should become an exception.

It is necessary to exclude advantages to activity of the organisations which in full or in part are in the state or municipal property if it directly is not connected with state safety - the president marks.

In the message the president also marks necessity of the accelerated introduction of the tax to real estate and expansions of patent system of the taxation of small business; reorganisations of system of the state purchases, and also perfection of mechanisms of the taxation of oil and gas branch, tobacco and alcoholic production.