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At Sharapova competitors

to the Russian tennis-player have ended there was two steps to a title

Maria Sharapova left in a semi-final of Wimbledon. It seems that on tournament does not remain anybody who could prevent to win to it it. Wimbledon have already left both Carolina Voznjatski, and sisters Serena and Vinus Williams. Certainly, Sharapova plays not so stably not to doubt its success, but if to judge on chetvertfinalnomu to a match against Dominica Tsibulkovoj, equal to Sharapova in London is not present.

Tsibulkova — not Williams and not Voznjatski, but after all it has reached a quarterfinal so, to tournament it was ready not bad. In capital of England at it all developed successfully until it has not met Sharapova. Maria in this meeting played perfectly. A minimum of errors, successful game both at a grid, and on a back line, high speed of draws, the excellent first giving, confident the second — If there is an example of ideal tennis it was shown yesterday by Sharapova.

the Match has come to the end with the account 6:1, 6:1. TSibulkovoj in this meeting the role of the tennis car - guns, which vystrelivaet on trainings balls has been prepared. And that not the fact that the present gun would not look in such match better. Sharapova and hour it was not required to leave in a semi-final.

the German tennis-player Sabine Lisitski who has reached a quarterfinal of Wimbledon in the second time in the career becomes Its competitor. In the hardest match proceeding more of two hours, it has beaten Marion Bartoli, posejannuju at the ninth number.

This result, of course, became unexpectedness. Just on Wimbledon Lisitski when - that has made furore, hardly probable not from the first having reached a quarterfinal. It seemed that this tournament showed to the world of the new tennis genius, but since then the German did not show any outstanding results. Only 62 - e a place in rating WTA, pair of victories on small tournaments, pair of exits in the ending — and only.

Marion Bartoli, of course, too you will not name new Mari the Pier. It too serednjak, but is right now on peak of the career. The Frenchwoman left in a semi-final Rolan Garros also has rushed into ten the best tennis-players of the world. It is no wonder, what exactly it was considered as the favourite of a match 1/ 8 endings.

But Lisitski has grasped the initiative since first minutes of a match. Quickly enough it has made a break and has easily won the first party, having left Bartoli obeskurazhenno to shrug shoulders and to deliberate over the event reasons. In the second party at the German too was advantage, and giving of the competitor it could take twice. But here Bartoli has remembered, what for has arrived to London. The Frenchwoman has made two breaks, and on thaw - a break good luck has smiled to it, the account was made even. However this splash in activity was the last. In solving party Lisitski Bartoli has razed to the ground — 6:1.