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In hire leave “ Transformers - 3 “ Michael Beja

“ Transformers - 3: the Moon Nayward “ opened the Moscow film festival. Occasionally prime ministers have arrived to the Russian capital director Michael Bej and Shaja LaBaf which have played in a tape, Patrick Dempsi­, Dzhosh Djuamel and John Malkovich. And on Vasilevsky descent have acted Linkin Park, whose songs sound in all series of the franchise. It seemed, the scale of events round a film was comparable to scale of an event in it.

Sam Uitviki (Shaja LaBaf) wants to work, but it anywhere do not take. At its new girlfriend (Rouzi Huntington - Uajtli) excellent work just is. Therefore kompleksujushchy Sam is jealous the girlfriend of its boss (Patrick Dempsi). But suddenly all abruptly changes. The guy took under a wing the chief of an average link of the large corporation, beginning schizophrenic Bruce (John Malkovich). It is in parallel found out that on the Moon when - that the ship of autoboats with an important transformer onboard, and this ship at the time of " for a long time has been found; cold war “ also has provoked “ Lunar race “. Now the important autoboat revives, and to it its companions and deseptikony under the direction of an irrepressible Megathrone are competing in speed torn­. And Sam can be engaged in again at last favourite business - world rescue.

Here a lot of amusing geopolitics. From an episode with destruction by combined efforts of army of the USA and autoboats of illegal nuclear object in the Near East to, apparently, already won back card - the Soviet theme. The main thing - not to take offence. It is all a tinsel, and for Michael Beja also sentimental memoirs on youth (it now in Hollywood many are fond). As with the facts the director addresses is free. Director NASA at it, for example, what for - that sits in Lengli. In basic Bej it is broken off between vzryvotehnikoj and desire to express on any important question.

it is clear that vzryvotehnikoj he owns in perfection, to subtleties and trifles. Before inventing of a new lexicon (in Russian dubbing-in are available, in particular, women - sticks, and it, in general, it is quite good). To dripping from autoboats and deseptikonov a substance which for certain are something like lubricating oil, but looking as a saliva or blood. Brilliant work - Chicago, the top view, flights of parachutists in a falling city and as a whole how the director copes with 3D. He even to James Cameron ­ has managed to make pleasant, having reproduced an effective scene diving a nose in abyss “ Titanic “. Only at Beja it occurs not at ocean to the ship, and in a megacity with a skyscraper.

But also the director actively expresses. In - the first, it - for minority (“ Requirement of the majority it is more important than requirements of minority “ - the villain exclaims, and the most conservative spectator circles at once will want to disagree with it even.) . In - the second, not only the superhero cannot be built in system, but also loonies of all grades, and sooner or later they realise it. Therefore in any sense it is possible to consider as a key scene the moment of a meeting of two main violent heroes of the franchise - Simmonsa (John Turturo), which for a long time in a theme of autoboats, and lighted up from this long-awaited initsiatsii Bruce (Malkovich), new chief Sam.

one psychosis - unhealthy love to luxury is not supposed only. The director of national investigation (Frensis Makdormad) pomeshana on expensive bags and first makes bad decisions. But as soon as it rises on the correct party, there and then forgets about bags and remembers that when - that twisted cupids with Simmonsom. Expensive watch and cars can be mortally dangerous traps. And if suddenly Louis Vuitton became vital, means, deseptikony with a dripping saliva already where - that nearby.