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At the car of the blogger have fired after attempt to remove on mobile phone car with flasher

on July, 14th in centre of Moscow unknown persons have fired at the car of blogger Dmitry Ternovsky. It has occurred after he has tried to photograph on phone of number of the car which driver has broken traffic regulations: has passed with a flasher on red colour.

Shooting on the car Ternovsky have opened on one of crossroads of the Volgograd Prospectus. The driver black Mercedes has opened a window, has obscenely cursed the photographer and has spat in it. According to the friend of Ternovsky photographer Ilya Varlamov, after squabble in the car other windows and passenger Mercedes, " have opened; having put out from a window on a belt, has opened fire from a pistol “ on the blogger “.

“ I have decided to pass somewhat quicker as it was not clear from what it shoots, and than it can come to an end. They have pursued me on the Vorontsovsky lane: Ahead my car rushes, behind it black Mercedes of which windows people stick out and shoot on my car “ - has informed Ternovsky. He has noticed that in the car was three natives from caucasus. On the middle of a lane the blogger could evade from them, they have passed further, but have stopped and continued to shoot. After at malefactors cartridges have come to an end, and Ternovsky has gone on a counter strip in the opposite direction, the Newspaper transfers. ru.

the Blogger has gone at once to branch of police and has written the application. “ the people seeing incident, approached and offered the testimony “ - has informed Ternovsky. The question on criminal case excitation is now solved.

Under the preliminary information, the car of criminals already have found. Ternovsky has remembered its number: Β294ΥΚ199. “ It easy costs in garage, the mistress any woman. Probably, the car - the double, and numbers - counterfeit “ - has told Ternovsky in RIA Novosti news agency interview.

Blogger Dmitry Ternovsky is known for that in July has started the civil project “ the Country without nonsenses “. Participating in it, the well-known bloggers struggle with the ridiculous and illegal interdictions operating in Russia. For example, on Tuesday they have spent “ parking spot-check “ and last week have addressed with the post card to president Dmitry Medvedev with the request to protect photo freedom.