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Kudrin is in the lead on number of mentions in mass-media in a corruption context

Alexey Kudrin became the absolute leader of a rating of the ministers mentioned in connection with a theme of corruption. vitse - the prime minister has seriously outstripped other ministers of the general frequency of mentions both in a context of a corruption problematics, and in a fight against corruption context. And anticorruption struggle makes only 32 % of mentions.

the Company Group 808 specialising on information audit, has made a rating of the ministers mentioned in mass-media in connection with a theme of corruption from June 2010 till May, 2011. Has headed a rating the head of the Ministry of Finance Alexey Kudrin. One of the reasons of it began to co-ordinate refusal of its department developed by the State Committee of the Russian Federation on affairs of youth the project of the federal target program Youth of Russia on 2011 – 2015. the new newspaper In April of current year has commented on this fact as follows: In general similar methods at bureaucracy in a course. Like and not corruption, and it is simple raskoordinatsija .

the attention of mass-media was involved also with painful reaction of the Ministry of Finance to promulgation of declarations of officials and their relatives. Department had been prepared the order project on which the employee can not disclose data on incomes of the relatives.

On the second place on number of mentions — the minister of transport Igor Levitin, which as the newspaper " specified in January of this year; the Interlocutor heading the most corrupted department in the country, earns in a year more than 21,59 million rbl. and enters into a three of the richest federal officials of the country. It is curious that the minister is mentioned in a fight against corruption context approximately five times less, than directly in connection with corruption.

Larceny in road branch became widespread media cliches, authors of research write. the statement about high level of corruption in road building … moves as an axiom which is not demanding additional proofs — it is specified in the report. However, in the same place it is said and that results of the present research partly confirm a stereotype.

detention of swindlers became One of the essential reasons of occurrence in a top of the minister of transport, on behalf of Dmitry Kozaka and Igor Levitina promising for $3,5 million to arrange the interested person on a post of head FGU Management on building and reconstruction of highways of the Black Sea coast — the organisation constructing the Olympic roads to Sochi, and also a line the Formula - 1 it is informed in the report Groups 808 .

the Minister of health and social development Tatyana Golikova closes a three of leaders. As has shown the analysis, its department is included also into number of departments, is accurate assotsiiruemyh with corruption. In particular, the Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin in March, 2011 has carried to number of the basic problems of domestic system of public health services rudeness, bribery, turns, larceny at purchase of medicines and the equipment .

frauds at acquisition of computer tomographs which were bought in two &ndash became the Most resonant business of June, 2010 connected with the minister; three times are more expensive, than manufacturers exposed. arguments of week so responded about it: Embezzlement of public funds at purchase of foreign tomographs is obvious and is under a roof Tatyana Golikovoj`s minister. And it its original cause . Sharp attacks also are connected with an observer name the New newspaper Julia Latyninoj, in April of current year of the writing: Whether you can present yourselves the state in which the head of system of public health services is on friendly terms with the largest drug dealer?

- 5 ministers most mentioned in connection with corruption also have entered Into a top head Minsportturizma Vitaly Mutko and Minister of Education Andrey Fursenko.