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Advertising of abortions will be diluted with the information on barreness

Dmitry Medvedev has signed the federal law About modification of article 24 of the federal law About advertising passed earlier consideration by both chambers of parliament. According to the confirmed amendments, requirements to advertising of abortions will be considerably toughened. Henceforth advertisers are obliged to specify in advertising of medical services in artificial interruption of pregnancy of the prevention about nebezopasnosti this procedure for female health and possible harmful consequences, including barreness.

to the Prevention of potential danger of procedure should be taken away not less than 10 % of the text of advertising, and the notification font size should be not less that at the information on service, informs news agency.

the Policy of struggle against abortions has had time to be noted by a number of large scandals. So, on June, 1st the deputy an United Russia Valery Draganov has made the offer of input of the bill protecting the rights of not born child in the lower chamber of parliament. The law also urged to regulate terms of carrying out of procedure and to regulate an operation appointment procedure. According to it doctors should notify women on possible consequences also. This very day the deputy has withdrawn the bill, and its further destiny is not clear till now. Besides, practice of abortions categorically is not supported by the majority of religious societies among which the Roman Catholic church and Russian Orthodox Church are allocated.

According to last All-Russia population census the number of inhabitants of Russia has decreased for 1,6 % for last eight years. The strong gender disproportion is thus observed: approximately on 10 million it is less than men, than women. Experts also predict decline in population increase during the period with 2011 for 2014.