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Aeroflot marks at the five

Leaders of the European aviation market

Management Aeroflot puts before itself aim to deduce airline within 15 years in the five European and the twenty of world leaders. The company expects to increase transportations of passengers more than three times, to 70 million persons a year, and to increase an aircraft depot to 550 liners. Prevent realisation of these plans the bad airports to Russia, infrastructural restrictions and shortage of pilots can.

that the airline by 2025 plans to transport more than 70 million passengers, from them not less than 30 million in Russia, daily has told a source in board of directors Aeroflot . These figures he named referring to held yesterday management of airline presentation group Strategy Aeroflot till 2025 . The airline has prepared two scenarios of the development.

Inertial — assumes growth of a volume of passenger traffic from today`s 21 million passengers almost to 50 million by 2025. Capitalisation Aeroflot according to this scenario by 2025 will make 8,7 mlrd dollars (now 2,86 mlrd dollars) . For its realisation to Aeroflot it is not necessary to undertake special actions (growth with the market), is marked in strategy presentation.

the Scenario aggressive growth will demand strategy and positioning change in other segments and in other markets . So, if the carrier will adhere to this strategy by 2025 it will transport 74 million passengers and will already cost 13,9 mlrd dollars Without aggressive growth and transformation in the global player Aeroflot or it will be absorbed and will disappear from the market, or remains local regional airline — it is marked in presentation.

Both in that and in other scenario the airline plans development of transportations through the main hub in Moscow from shares of transfer passengers not less than 60 %. Thus directly Aeroflot becomes the global carrier transporting highly remunerative passengers . On in-Russian transportations affiliated companies will specialise. A separate niche on transportations on severo - the West will occupy the State Customs Committee Russia .

the Regional carriers working in the identical markets, will be united — marks a source daily, familiar with the agenda of board of directors. So, will be united Donavia Kavminvodyavia working in the south, and Vladivostok Avia with the Sakhalin air routes being in the Far East.

separate specialised carriers for the first time are registered In strategy also: charter — the Orenburg airlines and budgetary — Saravia . All carriers will not carry the name Aeroflot . Savavia in 2012 — 2013 it will be created practically from zero on the basis of the operating certificate ekspluatanta — Continues a source.

In strategy Aeroflot also the basic problems are marked also, from - for which the airline can not reach the declared purposes. Till now there is a problem of restrictions by quantity of launches - landings, parking for planes in a base hub of a carrier — the Sheremetyevo. Till now two dependent take-off - landing strips can serve only 35 launches - landings at an o`clock. A problem the imperfect control system of air traffic, and also deficiency of pilots (now airlines do not suffice 296 persons) is represented also.

the working group which structure includes representatives of the Rosaviation, three airports of the Moscow aviaknot (MAU) and airlines is Now created. This group has developed new structure of air traffic control. Throughput MAU will increase to 110 million passengers a year by the end of 2012. Two can use airports MAU at once take-off - landing strips that will raise also throughput of each of the airports. Now pilots study it on training apparatus — the official representative of Rosaviation marks.

the Editor-in-chief the Aviatransport review Alexey Sinitsky as risks mentions also competition strengthening. it is not necessary to forget that now within the limits of present system of the international relations the basic commercial rights belong to Aeroflot also it is possible to expect that soon there will be a liberalisation of the international market — the expert marks. In its opinion, it will lead to strengthening of level of a competition, including from the Russian carriers.