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The Beatles have registered in Stoleshnikovom

On photo-exhibition Patti Boyd

the Summer museum of Jaguar and marka:ff continues to indulge capital inhabitants photos of celebrities. This time in a favour there were spectators, not indifferent to fate - n - to a beater. In Stoleshnikovom a lane the exhibition Patti Boyd, in the past of known British model and George Harrisona and Eric Clapton`s muse, and in the present - the successful writer and the photographer has opened.

Pictures in a genre home photo, presented open-air, - not only the original autobiography Boyd, but also improbably touching greetings from fate - n - rollnyh the sixtieth. Patti Boyd has not left successors to George Harrisonu, Eric Clapton, but for ever remained in their most well-known songs Something and Layla. She exclusively warmly remembers both till now, telling about the pink bushes specially ordered for their joint house with Harrisonom, or how in a youth Clapton madly loved good cars.

Patti constantly smiles and easily answers any questions. For especially curious in 2007 it has published book Wonderful today: George Harrison, Eric Clapton and Me. For the others brought the photo-exhibition in the Dignity - Frantsisko, Toronto, Sydney and on island Barbados. And for itself continues to travel all over the world and photograph.

Pictures in Stoleshnikovom are illustrated just by citations from the book Boyd. However, in it there is no special necessity. In - the first, the main characters are without effort recognised, and in - the second, degree of their trust to the author is very much felt. Looking at charming Patti (on its seventh ten it would be necessary to name already the Patrician, but is not present, it is impossible), you understand, than it has bought Two musical geniuses of the XX-th century. The admiration, a step, ability to fade into the background, without eclipsing talent of the beloved. So it has turned out that any of talented pictures of modest Patti has not got on covers of Beatles albums. But and today, telling about the photos, Boyd names George very beautiful, and Eric - sexual.

Except embodied with guitars and without guitars of husbands of Patti and musical friends, their musical families on photo-exhibition there are also the pictures brought from numerous travel. The first time of Patti has gone to India with George Harrisonom, they got acquainted with ancient culture, studied meditation, communicated with monks. Since then in Patti has lodged batsilla wanderings. Today it open spaces of Venezuela and Shri - Lanki, tourist equally attract Morocco and the state closed for idle travellers Butane. And it is almost constant in hands at Patti its chamber which has appeared by its third and biggest and true love with which help Patti Boyd tells story of the life, history of the generation, alternately it appearing on that and other party of an objective.