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“ Rosagrolizing “ has threatened Elena Skrynnik with court

“ Rosagrolizing “ demands from the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation of Elena Skrynnik to act with an official refutation of its early statements in mass-media about a mass case of a horned cattle (KRS) in port Vanino. In the company also notice that otherwise reserve the right to itself to address in court.

the General director “ Rosagrolizinga “ Valery Nazarov has sent the head of the Ministry of Agriculture to Elena Skrynnik the letter with the requirement to explain the fact of distribution of the unreliable information discrediting a name “ Rosagrolizinga “ the press - state company services is told in the message.

In particular, management bewilderment “ Rosagrolizinga “ have caused sounded by it “ not representing the facts data on mass case KRS “ put by agroholding to cattle-breeding economy of Transbaikalia.

“ In particular, the head of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation has declared necessity to organise activity check “ Rosagrolizinga “ experts of Audit Chamber of the Russian Federation upon  destruction KRS in sea port Vanino (Khabarovsk territory) where animals have been delivered from Canada “ — it is marked in the company message.

From its part “ Rosagrolizing “ declares that has to the full carried out of the obligations before lizingopoluchateljami Transbaikalian edge. According to the contract of delivery of breeding production, the prisoner between “ Rosagrolizingom “ and company Comtios International Export Inc. (Canada), on June, 15th, 2011 to port Vanino there has arrived vessel MV Finola with 1397 heads breeding KRS.

“ At sea transportation before crossing of sea border of the Russian Federation, out of a responsibility zone “ Rosagrolizinga “ has fallen two heads KRS and one has not been accepted on veterinary indicators “ — specify in the company.

By data “ Rosagrolizinga “ since June, 17th, 2011 the unloading of animals and sending on specially equipped 72 automobile skotovozah lizingopoluchateljam the Transbaikalian edge, removed from an unloading place on distance from 2,4 thousand to 3,1 thousand in km was made. In total during the period from June, 24 till June, 26th, 2011 1357 telok and 38 bulls gerefordskoj, aberdin - angusskoj and gallovejskoj meat breeds have been actually delivered in ten economy of Transbaikalian edge. “ at transportation lizingopoluchateljam two heads KRS that makes 0,14 % of the general livestock " were lost; — specify in a state company.

Besides, it is told in the message, experts “ Rosagrolizinga “ additional check by results of cattle delivery lizingopoluchateljam Transbaikalian edge concerning presence of claims to state of health KRS has been made. “ Interrogated lizingopoluchateli have estimated a state of health of the received animals as good, claims to activity of the state agroindustrial leasing company it has not been stated “ — summarise in the leasing company.

“ Rosagrolizing “ expresses bewilderment because the head of the federal ministry discloses the information which reliability raises the big doubts, and the loss of business reputation of the state agroindustrial leasing company which can be expressed, in particular, in decrease in a credit rating " causes; Rosagrolizinga “ being the executor of the state program “ agrarian and industrial complex Development “ — it is told in the message.

Thus, the company suggests to act to the Minister of Agriculture to Elena Skrynnik “ with an official refutation sounded by it doubtful, discrediting “ Rosagrolizing “ information “.

Otherwise, it is marked in the message, “ Rosagrolizing “ reserves the right to itself to address in court upon distribution of the data discrediting business reputation of the company, on the basis of item 152 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation.

on July, 6th, 2011 minister Skrynnik has declared to journalists that to company work “ Rosagrolizing “ there are claims from the agricultural organisations and regions. “ I think that with this question the Audit Chamber " should understand at least; — she has told (the citation on the Prime - TASS), having noticed that heard, how in Far East port Vanino from - for unsatisfactory conditions of transportation there was a  destruction of a considerable quantity of the cattle delivered in Transbaikalia.