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The statement of the head Rosagrolizinga about the claim to Skrynnik tells about its nonprofessionalism

the Statement of the head Rosagrolizinga the companies with 100 - a percentage state package, Valery Nazarov about the possible judicial claim to the federal minister to Elena Skrynnik tells about its low professionalism, the director of department of a state policy in sphere of agrarian and industrial complex and the information of the Ministry of Agriculture Oleg Aksenov has declared daily, making comments on the message a press - services Rosagrolizinga . It can become precedent, and g - n Nazarov in that case will get to the Guinness Book of Records — adds g - n Aksenov.

the General director Rosagrolizinga has directed to the Minister of Agriculture of Russia to Elena Skrynnik the letter with the requirement to explain the fact of distribution of the unreliable information discrediting a name of a state company. Management bewilderment Rosagrolizing has caused Elena Skrynnik`s statement for a mass case of a horned cattle (KRS), put Rosagrolizingom to economy of Transbaikalian edge. Rosagrolizing has offered g - Skrynnik officially to deny the sounded information, having reserved the right to itself to address in court.

According to the representative of the Ministry of Agriculture, the general director of a state company looks silly in the threat to bring an action against the federal minister that it is going to understand with a problem situation on which Rosselhoznadzor reported and has been written to mass-media. Elena Skrynnik as the federal minister who is responsible for agriculture, should penetrate into all affairs of branch and if g - n Nazarov considers that this problem situation does not enter into sphere of the competence of the Ministry of Agriculture he is mistaken, — has declared g - n Aksenov. — the Minister has a just cause to take an interest that occurs in agrarian and industrial complex sphere. As on this fact have informed some federal mass-media. If these facts do not prove to be true, we only will be glad .

In the report presented by Rosselhoznadzorom in the Ministry of Agriculture, it is said that the elite horned cattle (KRS), arrived on June, 15th current year from Canada, was in Far East port Vanino in the most severe conditions of the maintenance without granting of water and a forage four days and ten hours, marks g - n Aksenov. And all this time two local representatives Rosagrolizinga only promised to give transport for cattle transportation to destination, the representative of the Ministry of Agriculture adds. According to Rosselhoznadzora, the first 34 cars with cattle have been sent in destinations only in the morning on June, 19th. Situation when the delivered cattle which urged to improve quality of Russian livestock KRS, some days contained without any top dressing, it is possible to name cruel treatment of animals — speaks g - n Aksenov.

In opinion g - on Aksenova, the general director Rosagrolizinga should not threaten with court to the minister, and understand actions of the subordinates which could not perform the work — to deliver cattle to destination.

By words g - on Aksenova, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rosselhoznadzor will understand still, in what condition now there is a brought cattle and how many has really survived a livestock from all party. such barbarous relation will not pass completely for elite cattle, their immune system is seriously undermined — the representative of the Ministry of Agriculture is assured.