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the Melody payments

the Oldest in the country the sound recording company wants to collect debts from partners

As it became known daily, the unique sound recording company in the USSR - FGUP Firm the Melody - has terminated the termless contract on management of the record library with Russian society on management adjacent and copyrights (ROUSAP). It was engaged in gathering of compensation for record library use Melodies to Russia, the CIS and the Baltic States.

ROUSAP has acquired the right to gathering of compensation for record library use Melodies in 2005. In three years the society has delegated these responsibility of the All-Russia organisation of intellectual property (VOIS) which has received the state accreditation on gathering of compensations in sphere of the adjacent rights. since 2008 VOIS has collected and has listed into accounts ROUSAP compensation at a rate of 52,3 million rbl. And to Melodies Has reached only 22,5 million rbl. - the general director of firm " has explained; the Melody Andrey Krichevsky. To Contact representatives ROUSAP last night it was not possible.

All-Union firm grammofonnyh plates the Melody which prior to the beginning 1990 - h was the unique sound recording company in the country, has been based in 1965. In 1991 it has been allocated creative - production association the Melody later transformed in FGUP Firm the Melody . Actives have entered Into it in territory of Russia. It posesses a record library Melodies for 47 years, and also buildings in the Tver parkway and Karamyshevsky quay.

Now the Melody prepare for privatisation, and the inventory first for 15 years recently has been finished, Krichevsky has told gn. It was found out that the record library totals more than 239 thousand units of storage: about 90 thousand analogue tapes, a 130 thousand order gramzapisej on plates. the record library part is in a deplorable state, - has commented g - n Krichevsky. - and now we will create optimum storage conditions, and also to be engaged in content numbering .

As he said, archive Melodies it is possible to compare to the catalogue of any major. licences, digital distribution, manufacture and distribution of disks on the West can bring in the income Melodies which will allow to keep a unique musical heritage - he has added.

By results of inventory the Melody also has sent the letter to the head of the noncommercial organisation Fund of preservation of a cultural heritage (with it in 2007 the Melody has concluded the contract on real estate rent) with the requirement to compensate almost 80 million rbl. (copies of letters are available on hand daily). In particular, the debts under the lease contract make more than 5 million rbl. Fines - about 48 million rbl., compensation of working costs - about 1,5 million rbl. and the obligation on financing of the actions spent the Melody - more than 26 million rbl. (the obligation directed on annual financing of actions FGUP Firm the Melody was one of the basic criteria on whom the winner of competition on the right of the conclusion of the lease contract was defined). The contract with fund will be terminated.