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Rupert Merdok has refused purchase BSkyB

Empire Ruperta Merdoka News Corp. Shakes, as a house of cards. The media magnate has been compelled to withdraw the offer on purchase of broadcasting company BSkyB. However scandal has already overstepped the bounds of Great Britain. In the USA the influential congressman has urged pravoohranitelej to check up, whether journalists News of the World cracked phones of victims of act of terrorism on September, 11th, 2001. From - for scandal the family of Merdoka has lost already 750 million dollars

News Corp. Has informed in the afternoon on Wednesday that withdraws the offer on purchase of 61 % of actions BSkyB for 12,5 mlrd dollars after a pair of clocks as for it the company was called by the British prime minister David Cameron, acting in parliament. it became obvious that it is too difficult to continue in developed conditions - has declared News Corp., having noticed that remains long-term shareholder BskyB.

the Transaction has already been approved by regulators when on July, 4th newspaper Guardian has informed referring to the Scotland Yard data that journalists of tabloid News of the World cracked phones not only politicians and celebrities, but also the simple citizens, in particular killed schoolgirl Milli Dauler. It has caused a wave of indignation from the British politicians and the public. The group of the British media companies among which there were owners Guardian, Daily Mail and Telegraph, initially opposed purchases News Corp. BSkyB, asserting that it will limit pluralism of mass-media in the country.

Meanwhile scandal with News of the World already cost to Rupertu Merdoku and to his family of 750 million dollars for this sum 40 % of actions News Corp belonging to them have fallen in price., has counted up Financial Times. And the headache waits the company any more only in Britain. The head of committee of trade of the senate of the USA Dzhej Rockefeller has urged the American authorities to check up the information that journalists of the editions belonging News Corp., cracked phones of victims of act of terrorism on September, 11th in New York. They addressed to nju - jorkskomu to the private detective, having suggested it to give for money to them access to records of telephone conversations of victims of terrorists, have informed the British newspapers - competitors of editions g - on Merdoka.

It causes serious questions concerning, whether the company has broken the American laws, and I urge corresponding departments to make investigation to be convinced that the right of Americans to private life has not suffered - has noted g - n Rockefeller in an official statement on a site of committee and has threatened the company g - on Merdoka serious consequences . According to the British police, all within the limits of scandal with News of the World the data about telephone conversations of 4 thousand persons has been cracked. Officially 170 victims are informed on it while only, among remained quite can appear and the American citizens.

to the statement of the senator the Federal commission on communications of the USA has declared that does not intend to interfere yet with the investigation begun in Great Britain, however has underlined that will make the work if such intervention is required in the light of the new facts. Official reaction of the American Ministry of Justice has not followed yet. At the same time in Great Britain News Corp., to its employees and a management threatens at least six investigations which result can become and criminal cases.

One of the main calls facing the company, - necessity to understand in parallel at once with all these investigations and to pursue the different aims. They will desperately try to limit a damage only question News of the World - quotes Bloomberg the head of group on criminal offences, moshennichestvam and to investigations of legal company Simmons and Simmons Nika Benvella.